ASU hosts inspiring week of speakers

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

In an attempt to inspire students through the last few weeks of the spring semester, the Associated Student Union invited students into Campus Center Plaza to participate in a week-long motivational event.

The presentations were held April 15, 17 and 18 and featured a variety of guest speakers.

Even with Comet Day coinciding with the April 18 event, ASU senators made it work by using the space, time and great weather to their advantage.

Having speakers offer tips about how to make money attracted financially aware students from all backgrounds to stop and listen.

Businessman and community activist Jhamel Robinson spoke on the final day of the event about his road to becoming a successful entrepreneur and how to remain motivated through obstacles that will inevitably come.

“I don’t like taking orders from anyone,” Robinson said. “I want to motivate people to be their own boss, so people don’t have to work under superiors and be miserable.”

When he heard entrepreneurship leads to making money faster echo through Campus Center Plaza, art major Roman Lopez decided to stop and listen.

“Being your own boss is intriguing to me. This event can help motivate and inform students on how to be successful on their own,” Lopez said.

The ASU provided free pizza to anyone who walked by the event and listened to Robinson speak.

The businessman used a microphone to his advantage.

“I hate public speaking, even if no one is in front of you listening. With a microphone, I know someone is going hear me and get a piece of information,” Robinson said.

Business management major Cheree Trodder is studying to become her own boss and start her own business in child or foster care.

She was pulled in by what Robinson was talking about, so she stopped to listen.

“I like what he said about social media and how it’s the main promotional tool for a business. People are starting to steer away from flyers and paper. I agree with him,” Trodder said.

Trodder liked how Robinson talked about his journey toward becoming an entrepreneur.

It gave her insight on how becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Also, that a person has to work hard to become their own boss but, it’s all worth it in the end.

While listening to Robinson, Trodder heard some key words, like how you don’t need college to be an entrepreneur.

“College isn’t for everyone, so to have someone give motivation and information on how you can be successful without college is extremely helpful,” Trodder said.

ASU Vice President Laciee Brown wanted the event to open up new topics and motivate students to continue working toward their goals.

“This event is a way to wrap the semester up with motivating and positive energy,” she said.

ASU senators picked speakers they had by a survey hosted by SurveyMonkey to find speakers students wanted to see and topics they wanted to hear about.

“Students wanted more diverse and relatable speakers. I reached out to people who make an impact on the community on different levels,” Brown said.