Secondhand treasure evoke fond memories


By Roxana Amparo, Staff Writer

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s come up.

My first time visiting a thrift shop was with my mom when I was about 5 years old.

She told me she would buy me anything that I wanted, and I was thrilled.
Now, this was long before I even knew that shopping malls existed, but I would still choose thrift stores anytime.

As a young girl, “anything” usually meant some type of toy that would keep my inquisitive self busy, since I was the only girl in the house and had no one to play with. My mom pointed out a beautiful, little porcelain teacup set and said we’d play together if I wanted.

That day I left the thrift shop for home with my first porcelain teacup set.

And ever since, my love for thrift shops has blossomed. I think they are wonderful.

Also known as secondhand stores, thrift stores are recognized for their cheap, affordable prices and wide variety of choices for a shopper to go crazy with.

I suppose I consider thrift stores my go-to places if I ever want to go crazy with $20. As hip-hop artist Macklemore would say, I “only got $20 in my pocket. I-I-I’m hunting, looking for a come up.” It is truly awesome.
In comparison to malls, thrift stores hold a more intimate and comforting feel to them because the shopper can allow him or herself to explore their individuality through simple, affordable shopping.

Visiting a thrift store is a new adventure every time because I am able to let out the little fashionista within me to search for my next outfit.

Prices on clothing are sometimes as low as $1-$3, or even a couple quarters if luck is on the shopper’s side.

We live in a society where our most expensive material possessions define us. We are judged based on our appearances. Name brands and expensive items hold great value in the public eye because they expose the size of a person’s wallet. It should not have to be that way.

I will admit that I don’t spend much money on clothing because my mom and I like to take advantage of thrift stores and their sales.
They offer simplicity at its best and cheap gets cheaper with sales throughout the year.

Apart from being inexpensive, thrift stores are sometimes community oriented and economically friendly.

They purchase merchandise from local charities that serve the local communities, and recycle any unsold products. Community members can donate their unwanted clothing or household products, keeping goods and money in the community.

Thrift stores help community members thrive by creating and providing jobs for disabled and disadvantaged people. They aim for stronger, unified communities.

Honestly, one man’s trash is another man’s come up.”