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Fortunate circumstances direct journey, passions

Silvia Sobal (left) as La Llorona in

By Xavier Johnson, Web Editor

October 24, 2018

On the final day of the drama department’s production “Vengeance: A Ghost Story” in the Knox Center Sunday, Silvia Sobal got the opportunity to perform on stage with her son Oz Herrera-Sobal for the first time. Herrera-Sobal was filling in for an absent cast member and the character he was playing,...

Undocumented existence

Guadalupe Mendoza kisses her son, Joshua Mendoza as she walks down 23rd Street in Richmond, California on Monday.

By Denis Perez, Creative Director

October 24, 2018

Contra Costa College’s undocumented immigrant community is prideful about its heritage, its history and its people. The Advocate recognizes the efforts of the multitudes of groups who work to effect change on campus and outside of it. Many in the campus community participated in a week-long event...

Coaching enables personal growth

Coaching enables personal growth

By Efrain Valdez, Sports Editor

October 24, 2018

In the span of a student-athlete’s career, almost every single one will tell you about an instance when they found themselves changing their outlook on the field and in life. After coming to Contra Costa College over the summer, 20-year-old linebacker R.J. Ma’ae found himself changing the way he...

Nursing major, wife finds inspiration in helping others

Nursing major Lalina Binaley takes on multiple roles as she studies to become a certified nurse in the Contra Costa College nursing department.

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

October 17, 2018

Few women can bear the burden of being a student and mom while a military spouse is on duty. Maintaining normalcy through uncertainty becomes second nature, especially with family support as a backbone. Nursing major Lalina Binaley believes her passion in life is to help people in need. She loves hearing...

STD cases in the U.S. exacerbate health crisis

By Michael Santone

October 14, 2018

From the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, sex has been an intoxicating, yet risky, source of pleasure. Naked bodies immersed in fits of passion and ecstasy have long been chronicled in folklore, history books and religious manuscripts as different cultures cultivate...

Program helps clear criminal records, renews confidence

Volunteer Frances Grout (left) finds Richmond resident Joe Williams’ criminal record during the Clean Slate Day event in Richmond.

By Michael Santone, Editor-In-Chief

October 3, 2018

RICHMOND — When Joe Williams arrived at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium he had hope in his heart and determination in his eyes. Williams, like many others who showed up for Contra Costa County’s Clean Slate Day on Saturday, had one goal in mind — to have their criminal record cleared. “I’m...

Denise Mills overcomes addiction to help others rebuild their lives

By Cindy Pantoja, Staff Writer

October 3, 2018

When life hits you so hard you hit rock bottom, you are only left with two options — either give up and stop trying or you gather whatever strength you have left and become a legend. Denise Mills decided to become an example of strength since she arrived in the Bay Area in 1980. She has overcome the...

Educational endeavors sends off ASU leader

Associated Student Union President Alexander Walker-Griffin gives a speech to the Contra Costa College graduation class of 2018 during the graduation ceremony at the Richmond Auditorium on May 25.

By Michael Santone, Editor-in-Chief

September 25, 2018

After committing to transferring this fall to Saint Mary’s College in Moraga and running for Hercules City Council, Alexander Walker-Griffin will be vacating his post as Associated Student Union president come Dec. 14. “I’m going to miss being able to have a place to call my second home,” Wa...

Passion for music, justice brighten life

Associated Student Union Vice President Chris Miller sings during a recording session for his band, First Contact, in El Sobrante on Thursday.

By Xavier Johnson, Web Editor

September 11, 2018

Oftentimes there are turning points in people’s lives when they have an experience that sticks in their minds and drives them to achieve something greater than they believed they could accomplish. That particular moment sets them off on a path, whether it be volunteer work that affected them or a ...

Automotive partnership fuels growth

Automotive students Craig Yano and Mariah Henry work together to take apart a V6 Toyota engine in the Automotive Technology Building on Thursday. A number of engines were given to the automotive department by Toyota as part of the upcoming T-Ten program.

By Michael Santone, Editor-In-Chief

September 11, 2018

A warm breeze periodically drifted through the automotive department’s collision yard as Toyota executives, dealers and Contra Costa College faculty and staff came out Aug. 16 to celebrate the new TechnicianTraining & Education Network (T-TEN) partnership. One of the first community college...

Professor’s heartfelt dedication Remembered

English professor Robin Brooke Eubanks poses for her husband Keith Eubanks.

By Denis Perez, Creative Director

September 11, 2018

Fighting cancer for many of her years, life was not always easy. Yet English professor Robin Brooke Eubanks could provide happiness to those around her and create a joyful environment in her educational spaces. On Aug. 12, Eubanks died of cancer. She was 49. Liberal Arts Division De...

Richmond Ceasefire looks to the future with town hall celebration

Family members and friends held signs reading the name of their deceased loved ones during the Citywide Walk event hosted by the Richmond Ceasefire in Richmond, Calif. on July 21.

By Jessica Suico, Assistant News Editor

July 6, 2018

To stop gun violence that perpetuates the community and local law enforcement there must be a coalition between a larger part of the community and the police who have sworn to protect them. The Ceasefire Organization of Richmond and Living Hope Neighborhood Church help raise awareness on gun violence...

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