Location upgrade bolsters Speech Lab


Xavier Johnson

Speech team captain Shreejal Luitel practices a persuasive speech for an upcoming speech tournament in Stockton in the Speech Lab in AA-219 on Monday evening.

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

In keeping with the spirit of renovation on campus, the new Speech Lab is now located upstairs in the AA-219. Although not fully unpacked and ready, the new space is still open and inviting.
It’s also open to all students on campus.
“The new lab will be a great addition to the campus for learning communication skills,” speech professor Randy Carver said. “We want to provide a comfortable space to practice speeches, get tutoring and provide other resources for students.”
There has been an increased student presence in the Applied Arts Building since the nursing department was relocated there following this past summer’s remodel.
Speech department Chairperson Sherry Diestler said, “All the nursing students have to take speech. Now that we are upstairs next to the nursing department we have seen an influx of nursing students coming in and using the lab.”
Diestler said the new lab is a better and a brighter space and now that it’s located next to the journalism and nursing departments, there are more students looking for access to labs.
The lab isn’t just to get help for speeches. There will be help in topic selection for speeches, research, outlining and delivery of speeches, including how to use visual aids. Tutors and resources for other courses will be available in the lab as well.
Carver said, “History, anthropology and geography department Chairperson Manu Ampim has asked Sherry, the tutors and I to come in and present to his class. He wants us to inform the students about the new Speech Lab and the opportunities that are here.”
But some students have had a hard time finding the new lab.
“The old lab was smaller but more accessible,” supplemental communication instructor James Richard II said of its previous location downstairs in the AA Building. “I would like to see all the students come in and use the resources the lab has. Richard helps in all subjects, believes communication is key and that it translates into all subjects.
Richard said, “I believe students, administration and faculty don’t communicate properly. Now, with this new lab, everyone can learn communication skills.”
Carver said, “I feel our department can adapt to the influx of students. We don’t have a big influx of students right now, but we are preparing for it, when that time comes.”
He said the revamped lab is like an extension of the speech professor’s office hours.
“Tutors are wonderful, but being able to have opportunities to have one-on-one time with professors really helps,” Carver said.
Richard said, “(Campus Tutoring Assistance Coordinator) Brandy Gibson told me 18 percent of the student body is in tutoring, assistance or mentoring.”
In the upstairs location, there are more support services and the lab is still close to the speech department faculty offices.
Carver said, “It’s like a communication suite and makes for a more inviting space.”
Nursing major Rebecca Trisler said, “I thought it was a conference room not a Speech Lab.”
The upgrade has breathed new life into the already successful department.
Diestler said, “We are here more, coming in earlier and staying later.”
Carver said, “We hope to work together with the journalism department since we both specialize in communication. Now that we are next door, Sherry and I hope to be able to sit down with professor Paul DeBolt and talk about possible collaborations. It’s just hard to find the time right now with all of our schedules.”
The lab in AA-219 is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., or for an appointment contact [email protected].