Library displays LGBTQ history

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

The glass case in the foyer of the Library houses works that speak to the struggle and history of many cultures represented by students on campus.
Through much of the semester, the rich history of the LGBTQ community has been on display in a showcase featuring different books and art that recount the history of its push for equality.
The books in the showcase try to represent every letter in the LGBTQ acronym.
“There are books ranging from informational, to family issue to love stories,” Library Chairperson Andrew Kuo said. “If you look at what is in the showcase and read the titles of the books that are displayed, it will give you some insight on the LGBTQ community and history of whatever the theme of the showcase is that month.”
Kuo said all the books that are in the showcase are available for anyone to check out through the reference desk.
“Just tell them what book you are interested in and they will get it for you,” he said.
The Library showcase rotates nearly every month unlike other displays on campus that rarely get updated with new things.
The showcase highlights different celebratory months and themes to provide awareness about communities to students who may not get to experience them.
According to the Library of Congress, in 1994 a coalition of education-based organizations in the United States designated October as LGBT History Month.
Librarian Annemarie Meyer said, “I put the display up around the second week of October and it has been up since.”
Meyer said she oversees the showcase in the Library and what goes into it.
Every year, Meyer’s LGBTQ showcase is different with a collection of diverse books and artistic decorations to make it appealing and to inspire students to learn more about the community.
Meyer said, “This year the planning of the showcase was kind of last minute so it’s not as nice as previous years. The goal with the books I chose was to be inclusive with a wide range of topics.”
As part of the LGBTQ campus community, English major Janice Rodriguez said there should be more awareness on campus about LGBTQ history and activism.“LGBTQ displays shouldn’t only be for the Library. They should be all around campus,” she said.
Rodriguez said what she does to celebrate LGBTQ History Month is hang out with her friends in her community.
“LGBTQ History Month means a lot to me since I am a part of the community. I like having the opportunity to get information about the history of my community and I like the awareness and openness within the community,” she said.