Enrollment remains flat despite early growth

By Xavier Johnson, Web Editor

As of the beginning of spring 2019, semester enrollment has experienced a 6.3 percent increase in Full Time Equivalent Student (FTES).

However, as of Monday, the increase has flattened to a 1.8 percent increase according to the spring 2019 Admissions and Records enrollment report.

Through the first 14 days of the semester, the 1.8 percent increase highlights a drop in enrollment over the same period of time compared to last year.

The Full Time Equivalent Student (FTES) is based on the total number of units students enroll in divided by 15 units.

One student enrolling in 15 units represents one FTES.

“There are drops in enrollment from the first day of school. We are now about 100 students over what we were at the same time last year,” Admissions and Records Director Catherine Frost said.

The total headcount for the start of the spring 2019 semester is 6,923 compared to 6,445 at the start of spring 2018.

According to the enrollment report, the head count number is a 7.4 percent increase or 478 students.

As of Monday, the headcount has experienced a similar flattening, similar to the FTES count. The difference from spring 2018 and spring 2019 was reduced to only 109 — which is a difference of 1.5 percent.

FTES is one of the primary factors that determines college funding. Currently, 70 percent of the budget is funded through FTES.

The other 30 percent is funded through enrollment of low-income students and the Student Success Initiative which is based on associate degree completion, 18+ unit certificates, transfer level math and English completion within one year and regional living wage attainment.

Contra Costa College’s flat enrollment reflects a districtwide trend. According to the enrollment report through 14 days, the spring 2019 12,977 FTES is a flat -.3 percent difference from 13,013 from spring 2018.