International day honors women

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

The political science department and Community Organizing Political Action Club (COPA) are hosting a women’s day event on March 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in GE-225.

A keynote speaker, Judge Tamila Ipema, and a five women in law panel will be a part of the event that will have refreshments provided by the culinary arts department.

Political science department Chairperson Vanna Gonzales said, “This event is to motivate women and be a morale booster for all women because every woman has a different background.”

Gonzales would like people to RSVP for this event at

“It is open to everyone, but RSVPing helps us know how much food we need to have for people,” she said.

Gonzales and COPA have worked hard to get women with appealing immigration stories and unique backgrounds for the panel and the keynote speaker.

“There will be a question and answer session during the panel reception for the Associated Students Union, Middle College High School and COPA to ask two questions of any panel member they want,” Gonzales said.

“It’s a perfect time to celebrate all women.”

COPA and Gonzales put flyers around the campus to inform students when and where the event will take place.

COPA member Hector Galvez came up with the graphic design for the flyer.

He drew different female students on the campus and made it into a graphic design, Gonzales said.

Communication major Jovi Nimedez said, “I feel women’s day emphasizes equality between men and women, and for feminism to be recognized.”

Most men have authority when it comes to a job and women have to go through a lot of challenges to get into higher positions at work.

Women are looked at as weaker than men.

Depending on the job, there isn’t equality in the workforce between women and men, Nimedez said.

“I inspire myself. I feel if you can’t be inspired by yourself how will you be inspired by others,” Nimedez said.

After the keynote speech and the panel discussion are over, to show appreciation for the five women who came out to the event, COPA, ASU and Gonzales worked with the culinary arts department to have a nice brunch in the Aqua Terra Grill on campus, Gonzales said.

“Dean of Student Services Dennis Franco worked with Sarah Marshall and I to help coordinate this event,” she said.

Because Gonzales is the political science department chairperson, she felt having a panel of female lawyers and a keynote speaker like Ipema would be a great opportunity for students to hear intriguing stories about women in politics and law.

“Being a woman in politics is very hard and you deal with a lot of complications. You have to be a strong woman to survive in this type of career,” Gonzales said.

Student Gabriela Lobabs, who has yet to decide her major, said, “Women’s Day gives everyone a chance to appreciate women and acknowledge our presence and strong will.”

Most men get intimidated by strong women and women in the workforce.

When they (women) are in a higher position, men get easily intimidated, Lobabs said.

Gonzales said, “The keynote speaker has a compelling story. She is an amazing person and she advocates for criminal justice and dynamic history. She is a very kind, sweet person and a joy to speak with. I really hope a lot of students come to this event and listen to her story.”