Council approves new logo design

By Luis Cortes, Advocate Staff

A new athletic department logo design was voted on and approved by the Operations Council and College Council and most importantly, will not cost Contra Costa College a dime.

The idea initially came from men’s basketball coach Miguel Johnson.

“It wasn’t really a logo, more like a court graphic for the gym,” he said.

Johnson said he got the idea from the Cleveland Cavaliers secondary logo and an old logo in the Men’s Locker Room. He sent the graphic to Kourt Graphics Sonora (a company that designs logos for custom basketball court design that has previously worked with the Golden State

Warriors and Sacramento Kings) to help come up with a better-looking logo.

Coach Johnson attributed the change of logo to modernization and aesthetic properties. “It’s about what people want to see — something nice when you promote,” Johnson said.

With a new logo now in place, Johnson hopes his addition contributes to the history of the college. He wants to give back to CCC to help the college thrive while leaving more than just a positive record of wins and losses.

The design gained popularity with other coaches and players leaving many to ask if it could become the official athletic department logo.

Director of Marketing and Media Design Brandy Howard said, “Since I began working at the college in 2016, several of the coaches expressed a preference for the logo that had been painted on the Gym floor.”

“When plans for the soon to be renovated athletic facilities showed the old logo featured prominently, we decided it was time to purse the change so that we could open the facilities with a modern logo,” she said.

During the process of making the new logo, the color scheme stayed the same as the former logo.

Howard said the College Council surveyed student-athletes to ensure that they were also on board with the new logo. Because so many in the department were on-board with the new design, the process of choosing a finalist from multiple examples was eliminated.

“Since we had a version of a logo that had been displayed prominently on campus for years and was already well liked, we didn’t expand additional resources to have other versions designed,” she said.

Despite the change garnering a near consensus, some believe multiple layers of change can damage department uniformity.

Although Athletic Director John Wade subscribes to the idea that change isn’t a bad thing, he believes modernization leaves everything up-for-grabs regarding the colors teams use and the designing of logos.

Wade thinks the lack of uniformity between CCC sports teams will be a result of having too many colors available,

“We have so many colors now it’s like we don’t care,” he said

Wade believes there should be one single color scheme used by all sports teams on campus for uniforms, gear and promotion.