Story of Yousafzai, a tale of inspiration

By Princess Hughes, Staff Writer

Each person has a purpose. Everyone contributes to society in some way. Together, we create reality. With every person being an extension of one shared experience, it is important that we create an environment in which each person feels liberated to explore his or her gift.

I am searching to define my dream. What will success look like for me?

With greatness, comes great adversity. Sometimes I doubt my greatness, I hesitate and find myself so fearful of failure that I become stagnate. However, it is increasingly clear to me that fear is the only thing holding me back.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. It has no tangible hold on me.It is an illusion. I chose another path. Choosing to believe in purpose, having faith and following my heart, believing that it is in this state of connectedness, that true greatness is born.

It takes sheer strength for people to be genuine in themselves and let go of all thought processes that no longer serve a positive purpose. Thoughts like doubt cause hesitation and can lead to procrastination. Malala Yousafzai embodies strength in its purest form.

“They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in (the) home, school, or any place,” she said.
The 17-year-old activist for girls’ education worldwide became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. Since the age of 10, she has been speaking on behalf of all oppressed women in her town of Swat, Palestine and around the world. Many women are imprisoned in their own homes and denied access to education.

The laureate believes that it is part of human nature to not fully understand the value of something until someone rips it away from you. She believes that education is the ultimate power for women. The oppressors do not want women to get educated because they fear women will gain too much power, she said.

As she became more influential, the Taliban began to see her as a threat. They made her a target, found her and shot her in the face.
Yousafzai survived.
“They only shot a body but they cannot shoot my dreams,” she said.

She is a symbol of hope. Fearless, she continues to speak from a place of peace and compassion.
Her voice is powerful. She brings grown men to a stillness. She demonstrates resilience and continues to advocate for education as a solution to terrorism.

It is time to evolve as a society. Fear plays no role in the ascension of a community. Each person is an important embodiment of a special gift. Something powerful happens when that gift is tapped into — changes happen.

Miracles take place and lives are touched and possibly saved. Whatever a person’s dream is, it is important that he or she have the courage to pursue it. It is a fundamental human right to be able to explore and express self identity.

No obstacle is ever great enough to kill my dreams. My dreams resonate on a level untouchable by the human hand.

Our dreams are infinite and valuable. Our dreams create, shape and manifest reality. Follow your heart. And in the face of adversity, shine brighter.