California’s green rush: Insight into local cannabis clubs

By Michael Santone, Editor-in-Chief

Holistic Healing Collective 

If you’re looking to have the total cannabis club experience, then Holistic Healing Collective (HHC) in Richmond is by far the best dispensary in the area. Whether you wish to dabble with edibles or take a toke of flowers, HHC has a variety of options including household and emerging brands offered at a lower price than any of the other four cannabis clubs.

This includes traditional flowers with every day eighths of sativa, indica and hybrids for $20.  Concentrates and different forms of edibles likes cookies, gummies and hard candy are also available.

One downfall, however, is the limited parking due to its location in a busy strip mall.

If you find yourself visiting this cannabis club after 4 p.m. be prepared for a parking headache and at least a 10-minute wait in line.

Holistic Healing Collective makes up for this though, with their large, organized showroom and knowledgeable budtenders.

Visibly beautiful display cases with featured products line the well-lit showroom as large menus categorize in detail the variety of brands offered.

If you have any questions, each budtender is more than willing to explain and even provide smelling samples and their own personal experiences with the different cannabis mediums.

7 Star

In comparison to other local dispensaries, 7 Star cannabis club in Richmond is the more expensive sister of Holistic Healing Collective.

They offer a variety of options including household and emerging brands, except $2 to $5 more expensive.

Even the eighth’s of the same brand of cannabis flower that’s offered at Holistic Healing Collective for $20 is more expensive at 7 Star.

But that’s only a minor flaw with this dispensary.

Before the legalization of marijuana, 7 Stars was housed in Pacific East Mall with a small showroom with a maximum capacity of no more than 10 people.

Although they have found a new home directly across the street, the showroom still remains small, cluttered and intimidating.

What’s worse, the budtenders still give off a “better than you” attitude.

Instead of visibly organized display cases, products such as edibles are tossed in different baskets on bookcase-like shelves that tower almost too high to see what’s in them.

7 Stars is a reasonable dispensary, if you are willing to spend a little more money and are able sift through the scattered menu.

One Plant 

Over the years, One Plant, located in El Sobrante, has remained obscured from the average recreational cannabis smoker.

That was until its new mainstream direction and name change in lieu of California’s legalization.

Similar to Green Remedy in product choice and expensive concentrates, One Plant only provides a handful of edible options and eighths no cheaper than $30.

However, this cannabis club makes up for their lack of variety and costly top shelf flowers by offering a loyalty program that rewards its customers with discounted gifts once they meet the threshold.

Since the revamp, which has revived this dispensary from its dated 90s decor and display, customers are invited into a modern showroom that also includes a vending machine packed with grams and eighths for quick and easy access with no wait.

This vending machine feature, which is absent in the other three cannabis clubs, creates more of an added attraction that over time will become a necessity for dispensaries throughout California.

Overall, One Plant lands in the middle of the road.

At 7 Stars, slightly higher prices and lack of variety are remedied by a reward program that can yield a pre-roll or a 10 mg for a penny.

Green Remedy 

At one point, Green Remedy located across the street from Hilltop Mall in Richmond, was one of, if not THE best local cannabis club in the area, however, since the legalization of marijuana, it has fallen to the bottom of the list.

Once the destination for deals and quality products, Green Remedy has restocked its shelves with overpriced flowers and low dose edibles that have emerged from a “make money market” that corrupted vibe inside the dispensary.

It’s rare to find an eighth for cheaper than $30 or any familiar brand of edibles known for offering quality cannabis.

When making a selection from the slim variety in stock, the possibility of it being available is rare.

Although they offer a large showroom and friendly budtenders, the display cases are almost always empty or seem to be missing some essential products that make a cannabis club, well, a club.