Motherhood mixes with school, life


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Associated Student Union Vice President Laicee Brown juggles the responsibilities of being part of the Contra Costa College student government and soon will be a mother.

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

Entering into motherhood can be a wonderful blessing that brings with it many new responsibilities.

Associated Student Union Vice President Laicee Brown is about to experience the amazing transition into motherhood and despite being a student, part of the ASU and going through the motions of pregnancy, she has remained motivated through it all.

“Many factors of my life motivate me to stay in school like how proud my family is of me for being a first-generation college student,” Brown said.

She has been attending CCC since 2017 and was born and raised in San Pablo.

Brown is happily 31 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

CCC Alumni and one of Brown’s good friends Tiana Mckinley said, “I know Laicee will be a great mother — she always finds a way to achieve greatness.”

When Mckinley lost her significant other Mark Henderson II to gun violence, Brown was there through Mckinley’s toughest time of her life.

“She (Brown) has helped me every time I see her and doesn’t even know it,” Mckinley said.

For Mckinley, just seeing Brown smiling and happy and telling her she could do it was enough to change a bad day into a good one.

Health and human services Professor Susan Reno said, “Miss Brown is very attentive, friendly, empathetic, intelligent and a natural leader.”

Brown embraces leadership roles whenever the opportunity arises.

Brown said, “A vast number of students who have opened up to me about issues they’re having and my ability to truly help them better their situations resonates.”

The life skills Brown continues to acquire will motivate her, however, the biggest motivation for her now is being a mom.

“I know how important my education is in this day and age and I truly feel my education will help me in parenting,” she said.

This semester Brown became the Vice President of the ASU and during the prior semester, she held the position of Director of External Affairs.

Brown said she would love to continue encouraging students to never give up and follow their dreams. “There’s always a way to prioritize things you truly want to accomplish,” she said.

As soon as Brown found out she was pregnant, she thanked God for choosing her.

“I felt more blessed than I ever had,” Brown said.

The day Brown found out she was pregnant, she told the ASU senators. She’s known some members for so long she considers them family.

Mckinley said, “I think she is active on campus and I would like to her grow into herself and find her purpose if she doesn’t know it already.

Laicee (Brown) is very enthusiastic, approachable and encouraging I love her,” Mckinley said.

Reno is impressed with how well Brown is doing and observes how dedicated she is to her education and involved her community.

She would like for Brown to teach the same educational goals and advocacy for students she has to her own child.

Reno wants to see Brown go wherever she is happiest now entering into motherhood.

Brown has most enjoyed being able to help her peers in the community.

“Thankfully, I’ve been able to help students solve some of those issues,” she said.

Brown has helped students with receive housing, Calfresh benefits and tutoring. She has also helped by advocating for students to earn scholarships.

“I volunteer a lot of time volunteering in the community to help those suffering from food insecurities at churches and at homeless encampments,” Brown said.

She also works with the Alameda County Community Food Bank helping to distribute food to schools and libraries.

A piece of advice that Brown shares with young soon to be mothers is to enjoy every part of your pregnancy, good times and bad because those are part of the journey.

“What is meant for you will be for you. I know everyone’s meant to accomplish some sort of greatness,” Brown said.

For Brown, being Pregnant while attending school has been an exciting experience. Being able to help counselors and professors is a huge deal to Brown. She gets proud and when she hears all the encouraging feedback from colleagues, friends, peers and even faculty.

“Having my friends and colleagues come up and show me pure love makes me so happy,” Brown said. The support and love the campus has shown Brown while being pregnant has reassured her that she is where she is supposed to be. “I love this experience even when my back hurts and I’m tired from long hours. I’m extremely happy and feel blessed,” Brown said.