Colleges promote transferring

University representatives visit campus, offer help


Christian Urrutia / The Advocate

Brad Horton, a UC Davis international academic counselor, lists the steps for transfer to engineering major Christian Talavera during the annual Transfer Day held in front of the Liberal Arts Building on Oct. 7.

By Florinda Hershey, Staff Writer

Transfer Day, in order to showcase the different colleges students can transfer to, on Oct. 7 in front of the Liberal Arts Building.

Representatives from colleges such as UC Berkeley, the various California State Universities and many private institutions set up booths to answer students’ questions. They all came ready to answer student questions about transfer requirements and how to apply for financial aid or scholarships.

Transfer Day is geared for students who are unsure where they intend to transfer. Representatives help them realize what factors they need to consider when coming to this life changing decision.

CCC student Jeilo Gauna said being able to speak with representatives from different colleges in person helped her become more aware of the current state of her academic career.

Gauna said she also received guidance about what steps she needs to take in order to transfer and achieve her life goal of graduating from a university.

Certified Bay Area make-up artist and style columnist Michelle Prior-Alameda was at the college’s Transfer Day working as a representative for the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Sacramento, Calif.

“(Transfer Day) helps students decide where they want to (transfer to), if it’s going to be out of state or instate,” Alameda said. “And to clarify any of their doubts.”

Each university has different requirements, some requirements for admission differing even between majors. This makes meeting with a counselor and setting up and educational plan toward a goal vital for student success in academia and transferring into the college of his or her choosing.

CCC student Jaz Price said, “(Transfer Day) is great because it gives students the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.”

She said her questions about what classes are required to transfer were answered by college representatives.

Questions such as “What is the minimum GPA required for admission? What are the correct classes I should take? and How do I set up an educational plan?” were coming from a multitude of students.
CCC student Karla Juarez said, “I like speaking with representatives from universities because it motivates me to want to transfer by showing me how much (further) I need to go.”

Being able to have representatives answer questions before transfer deadlines can save students time in their pursuit for a college degree.

Alameda said that speaking with representatives in person from various institutes of higher learning helps students achieve those goals and where they should start.