Discounts available for students

Xavier Johnson / The Advocate

List of common student deals that can be acquired by using a .edu email address when signing up.

By Jose Arebalo, Advocate Staff

The true cost of attending college is made up of more than just the price of classes and textbooks. Going to class is a commitment that takes away the opportunity to work with that time instead.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that many products and services come at a discounted price for students hoping to weather the economic hardship of student life.

There are even apps dedicated to helping students find discounts.

One place that provides access to multiple deals students can download and sign up for UNiDAYS. It is a service that compiles discounts from a wide range of vendors including discounts on food, clothing, tech and travel.

Another good tool is studentbeans, an alternative option that is easy to use and differentiates from the previous site with discounts on health and beauty.

While it is important that students get their gear ready for the semester, there are other subscriptions to consider as well.

Many publishers also provide discounted rates for subscriptions of their product for students.

The New York Times is free for four weeks, then subscriptions cost just $1 per week following the trial period.

In a more paced out schedule, the Economist offers 12 issues for $12. Another publication, the Wall Street Journal offers students one month of news for $1.

Even entertainment and technology can come at a discounted price for students.

The Adobe Creative Cloud comes at a 60 percent reduced cost if students sign up with a .edu email address. Students can sign up for Spotify Premium and Hulu for $5 a month.

This is a great deal considering that Spotify for students is $5 alone.

To cover most online shopping needs Amazon offers a prime membership with a free trial for six months, and 50 percent off membership thereafter.