Student union seeks to fill open positions

Senators and officers required for group


Cindy Pantoja / The Advocate

Chris Siriyam (left), Associated Student Union President Preston Akubuo-Onwuemeka (middle) and Shreejal Luitel (right) meet in the Associated Students Union office in SA-109.

By DeJon Sylvain, Advocate Staff

Contra Costa College welcomes the new school year presenting its first look into the newly elected Associated Student Union (ASU) board members.

The board welcomes Co-Chief Executive Officer of richmondCodes Preston Akubuo-Onwuemeka as their new president for the 2019-2020 school year.

Upon requesting further information about the 2019 election process, ASU President Preston Akubuo-Onwuenmeka was not available for comment.

During the election process candidates developed a petition to gauge student areas of concern before the General Election and being selected by the ASU Board.

All students were able to vote with the use of the school’s online survey and were also able to vote in the Student Life Office.

ASU Senator Alfredo Angulo “wished more people came out and voted and took an interest in the voting process.”

All things considered the turnout was generous.

According to Angulo, there are a few positions that remain vacant and the ASU board plans to promote the open positions to students interested in spreading awareness to the CCC community.

“We want to encourage students to join the board,” Angulo said.

He said the experiences “pushes them (students) to showcase their voice and exercise leadership”

The board consists of the following: ASU Secretary Aman Butt. ASU Parlamentarian Edwin Velis and ASU Treasurer Dagim Tessema.

Also serving as representatives are Senators Erica Villegas Padilla, Kyler Williams, Blanca Castillo, Laicee Brown, Chris Siriyarn and Ricardo Sanchez.

The Associated Student Union serves as the voice for students at CCC. They are responsible for informing and raising awareness to issues and worries regarding the campus community.

The open positions consist of Director of Public Relations, Director of Shared Government, Director of External Affair, Executive Vice President, Parliamentarian, and Director of Recruiting.

ASU Senator, Ricordo Sanchez is set to fill the position of VP of Club Affairs as Angulo plans to assume the position of Executive Vice President.

“We plan to promote the open positions to the student body with the optimism that there will be interest in participation,” President of Club Affairs Charles Ramirez said.

The ASU bylaws state that students who are enrolled in at least five units and have an accumulative 2.0 gpa are able to fill open senate positions.

For those intrigued, contact the head of Club Affairs for more information.

Most importantly, the ASU provides an opportunity for students to have their voices heard.

“ASU gives students a voice” said Angulo.

ASU’s focus this semester is to get more students involved with their community, put on more occasional events and to also fund and provide services to the student body.