Renovations start at gym

Athletic upgrade underway, expectations heightened

By Luis Lopez and Advocate Staff

After years of watching the north side of the campus rise from the dust of construction, the $29.5 million athletic facility renovation project has finally entered its restoration phase.

The project is expected to be completed by fall 2021 and will include a renovation of the four buildings that house the athletic department.

These include the Gymnasium, Men’s Locker Room, Women’s Locker Room and the Gym Annex Building.

The prospect of renovated facilities has students and faculty excited for the future of Contra Costa College athletics.

Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King mentioned some new things being added during the renovation and said the building was long overdue for a remodeling.

“The renovation project will include adding a concession stand and ticket booth along with a lobby to both the Women and Men’s locker rooms. The Gymnasium is one of the oldest buildings on campus and will receive a much-needed structural renovation that will include state-of-the-art equipment and facilities,” he said.

The renovation, handled by Bay Area General Contractor Thompson Builders, was voted for and approved in August 2016 and began with the resurfacing of the Tennis Courts. It will conclude with the renovation of the Fitness Center.

King said, “The Fitness Center will be the final area touched by the work. Because it is a Fitness Center where everyone comes to work out, we want to allow it to be there as long as possible before having to touch it”.

Due to the renovation, teams will be forced to play their home games off campus. The men’s basketball team will play its home games at Diablo Valley College with the possibility of some being played at the Richmond Auditorium.

The women’s volleyball team will play at Pinole Middle School and the women’s basketball team will play their home games at DVC as well.

Athletic Director John Wade is excited to have a renovated facility for the athletic department and welcomes the idea of playing home games off campus.

“It would be exciting to have games played in the Richmond Auditorium. It’s rarely been used for basketball since the 60s. The relocation of home games shouldn’t affect the men’s basketball team,” he said.

“The game is the same no matter where it’s played so now we don’t expect the location of our home games to affect how the teams play,” Wade said.

Comet athletes say the current Gym is “old school” and could definitely benefit from an upgrade. Industrial design major and member of the men’s basketball team Saud Nasye said, “I like the current Gym. It’s old school, but it would be great to have an up-to-date gym.”

The amount of money being put into the project provides students with optimism about the results. Nasye said, “Man, with $30 million being put into it I think it makes everyone excited to have access to something like that.”