Uninitiated team loses to division leader

Despite offensive advances, squad blanked by LMC

By Cindy Pantoja, Editor-in-Chief

After showing signs of offensive progress in prior contests, the women’s soccer team lost its third consecutive game in a 10-0 onslaught delivered by Los Medanos College Oct. 4 at the Soccer Field.

The Comets (0-3 in the Bay Valley Conference) were not able to match the Mustang’s agility as Los Medanos (7-3 overall and 3-0 in the BVC) attempted seven of its 22 shots-on-goal during the first half of the game.

“A lot of us put out everything that we could, but when you start looking at the scoreboard it gets into your head,” Comet defensive midfielder Kateryn Ochoa said. “We just have to make sure we stay positive and don’t give up,” The Comets take the field again Friday at Napa Valley College at 4 p.m. in Napa.

The first goal came during minute 3 by LMC’s Alicia Cardenas while CCC struggled to keep possession of the ball.

The Comets’ initial struggle snowballed, preventing the squad from getting the ball past midfield for the rest of the first half.

As the Mustang’s offensive opportunities mounted, the team translated chance into points. LMC scored seven goals in the first 43 minutes of the match and carried that lead into halftime.

After the break, the Comets made a few changes in their ranks and switched team goalie Sicaly Sorrell for midfield Jennifer Gaspar.

This change seemed to make some improvement in the overall performance of the team.

CCC was able to gain some control of the ball and take it to the other side of the field, however, scoring opportunities remained elusive.

In the third quarter of the game, LMC’s Marianna Giovanetti regained control of the contest and scored the team’s eighth goal during the 60th minute.

“The team was able to rely on a few key players,” Comet coach Ted Steen said. “It was not the best performance overall, but with this being a new team, (this game) certainly gives a good understanding of where we are and where we are heading.”

The Comets not only struggled to keep up with Los Medanos, but they also suffered a few injuries that affected the efficiency of the team.

The Mustangs scored two more goals at the 66- and 83-minute marks, giving the LMC their biggest win of the season at 10-0.

“We are pretty beat up, more physically than mentally,” Sorrell said. “In this game, we came out really sluggish, and when our energy is down, it reflects on our performance.”