Appalling graduation practices

Separating graduating classes based on race disturbing

By Tory Wilkerson, Student

After reading Rodney Woodson’s “Shameful Society Focused On Race” that was published in The Advocate on Oct. 1 I strongly agree with his point of view.

From personal experience, I agree with the part when he addressed black graduation ceremonies.

I remember as a kid when my brother came to CCC and was part of the African-American graduation. I felt appalled. To me, having a separate ceremony says that black people are not considered American.

Hell, it felt as if we are still thought of as being only three-fifths of a person. As I thought about it more, a black graduation also sounds as it is trying to glorify a race for its accomplishments.

I do not want that. I want us, of all ethnicities, to graduate in the same ceremony.

I don’t want to be part of any ceremony that only glorifies one race. I want it to glorify what we have all accomplished together.

I want it to be more of a preparation for us all to get ready for the next college and step in our lives.