COPA hosts ‘Us’ film viewing

By JoJuan Johnson, Advocate Staff

The Community Organizing Political Action club (COPA) in partnership with the Inner Club Council (ICC) hosted a movie screening of Jordan Peele’s movie “Us” at Fireside Hall Oct. 29.

COPA club President Elishes Canvess said approximately 30 students filled the venue to see the horror film which was chosen to be a seasonal movie for Halloween.

The event was a replacement of the for the Democratic Debate watch party that was going to be hosted on Oct. 15. However, the event was canceled due to poor air quality following the New Star Energy fire at their Crockett facility. As a result, the campus was evacuated and the watch party was canceled.

According to COPA Vice President Alfredo Angelo, the club decided to host a movie night in an effort to bring students together.

Other students, like COPA treasurer and math major Zahara Chavoshi said this event was to celebrate the end of midterm season.

For any event at CCC to be deemed successful, it usually takes weeks of preparation and promotion to ensure a healthy turnout.

According to ASU Director of Public Relations Kimyatta Newby, it took two weeks for the group to organize the event because of the booking process and acquiring the food.

COPA faculty adviser Vanna Gonzales said the watch party has been rescheduled for Nov. 20 when the next democratic debate is slated to be held.

The Community Organizing and Political Action (COPA) club gives students a voice and puts them in charge of their political domain. It also offers a safe environment for students, regardless of political opinion,