Raymond’s Pizzeria: Fresh artisan pizza delights

By Janet Lira, Advocate Staff

Pizza is usually thought of as another greasy junk food, but Raymond’s Pizzeria in Point Richmond has taken the idea of an over-commercialized snack food to new heights through a variety of ingredients.

This pizzeria stands out among the rest because it has no refrigeration, all the food is made by hand and the ingredients are delivered from locally grown distributors daily.

The eatery only uses what is readily available because over-ordering food products with no refrigeration means perishable products could go bad, which would be horrible for profits.

Pizza toppings vary depending on what is available and the same goes for ingredients.

Despite having options limited to daily shipments, pepperoni, margherita and specialty pizzas are available most of the time.

The pizza itself has a light non-greasy taste to it, which is a delightful thing if you love pizza, especially for people looking to avoid bread-bloat after eating.

Most importantly, the crust is thin, which allows the toppings to stand out more.

Other items on the menu include bread twists, meatball sliders, salads and brochettes.

The garlic twists are hand-made with parsley and garlic oil on top which added extra flavor and vibrancy.

Raymond’ s meatball sliders are absolutely delicious. The meat has great seasoning with no need for extra salt or added flavoring.

The sliders come with one meatball each, tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil leaves for texture and a real Italian earthy taste.

Pricing is very good and reasonable with a slice of pizza for $5 and a whole pizza for $23 with up to four toppings.

Raymond’s Pizzeria is located at 130 Railroad Avenue in Point Richmond.

The establishment has a casual atmosphere with a wheelchair accessible entrance.

It also provides highchairs upon request.