Baseball team falls 18-3 in blowout

By Carlos Cruz, Advocate Staff

The baseball team (3-8) matched up against Sacramento City College (9-1) in a quest to end the Panthers’ winning streak. Contra Costa College hung close early, but eventually fell after a pair of five-run Sac City innings.

The Comets were outplayed and systematically blown out 18-3 by the Panthers in a game which ended in the 8th inning due to the mercy rule. Fans of offensive baseball found joy in the afternoon’s contest.

Five runs were scored in both the second and seventh innings following multiple Panther stolen bases, lots of hits and a lot of walks that evolved from baserunners to runs. In the bottom of the second inning, CCC did not respond with a single run, to the contrary, the team seemed to retire the idea of putting runs on the board. In the top of the third inning, there was a wild pitch that led to another run that pushed the score to 6-0 Sacramento.

Following that run, Comet coach Brian Guinn decided to make a pitching change that led the team to end the inning without allowing any more runs. CCC returns to action today against Folsom Lake College at 2 p.m. on the Baseball Field.

Comet shortstop Fernando Duenas had one of the lone highlights for the team with a great scoop and throw to end the third inning. In the bottom of the third inning there was a wild pitch that hit the umpire in the groin which delayed the game as he took his time to catch his breath.

In that same inning, Duenas hit an RBI single which brought the score to 6-2, however the rally ended and the runs would be the Comets only until the eighth inning. Both offenses sputtered until the top of the sixth inning until Sac City’s Tanner Tweedy hit a 2- run home run to make the score 8-2.

The Panthers would tack on two more runs to make the score 10-2 at the end of the sixth inning.

Sacramento not only made good plays in the next inning, but they topped their four-run sixth inning by scoring five runs in the seventh. In the top of the seventh inning, three Panthers earned an RBI that catapulted the score to 13-2. CCC then walked in a runner to make the score 14-2. Another Panther score made the score 15-2 where it remained until the inning ended.

The Comets did not respond any runs in the bottom of the seventh inning and the score remained the same until the top of the eighth inning when the Cougars they scored another three runs to bring the score to 18-2 at the end of the eighth inning.

The Comets only responded with only one run in that would make the score 18-3 at the end of the bottom of the 8th inning when the game was eventually halted