Club Rush promotes clubs, breeds community

Contra Costa College student Brandon James attempts to finish the obstacle challenge, based on the TV show “Wipe Out,” during Club Rush, held in Campus Center Plaza on Thursday.

Each year an event hosted by the Student Life Office serves as a great way to bring students together, let students know how much there is to be invested on campus and provide information on activities outside of school.

Student Life of CCC hosted Club Rush on the 13th of January from 2:00-4:00 for all students to come and be a part of the community established on campus.

Vice President of Club Affairs Ricardo Sanchez said, “Student Life wanted to have Club Rush in the earlier part of the semester so all the clubs can have more time to host campus events.”

The reason Club Rush exists is to allow clubs a chance to advertise what it is trying

to achieve and to attract students who may have any interest in joining a club.

Sanchez also said he believes the gathering gives clubs a better chance to recruit for their clubs by increasing visibility.

Also, establishing safe zones for all is essential on a college campus and because La Raza, Rainbow Club, Musical Performance Club, among others offer welcoming communities, safe zones have been able to be established.

Aubrey Del Marcado, Treasurer of the Rainbow Movement Club said, “In order to have a sense of community, we have to come together as one.”

During Club rush, many students and those who already belong to clubs had to work together for the event to happen. No matter the race or sexual preference, a sense of community and a safe zone for all was established.

Sanchez said, “Student Life was built through clubs expressing themselves on campus.” However, due to the lax effort led by Sanchez and Student Life regarding planning efforts, The Musical Performance Club was excluded from the event.

Student Life Coordinator Charles Ramirez said, “The miscommunication with Student Life & the Musical Performance Club will be addressed in a meeting in the following week.”

Despite the disorganized planning and languorous effort by Student Life, Club Rush was still able to be a successful great event.

It was able to establish more ways for students to interact on campus and was a strong way to bring the community together outside of school.

Club Rush attendee Aubrey Del Marcado said, “To belong to a good community, you must work with others for the betterment for each other.”