Forum prioritizes student success


Nicholas Sorrell / The Advocate

Students mark, with stickers, what they think is important to them at the Strategic Plan Student Forum that was hosted in Fireside Hall on Feb. 20.

By Nicholas Sorrell, Advocate Staff

It’s important for students to know that many resources are available on campus that can help accelerate their academic pursuits.

On Feb. 20, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) department hosted the Strategic Plan Student Forum in Fireside Hall from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

If successful, students in attendance would become more aware of how their ideas can help make improvements at Contra Costa College.

The college’s Strategic Plan has been established so a road map based on student feedback and administrative directives can be established.

The Strategic Plan is applied to the college for five years to steer campus improvements for the students attending CCC.

It also has a focus of bettering economic plans to benefit the campus community in general.

As new students register for classes and other students graduate, the environment and community needs change — with that change in mind, new questions are being raised.

The Student Strategic Planning Forum not only gave the opportunity for students to ask their questions, it was also a way of improving the campus and resources it provides for all students.

STEM Program Coordinator Kelly Ramos has a definite idea of how the program should operate.

Ramos said, “Our main objective is to get as much student feedback as possible.”

Trying to improve the campus toward better serving its students in the best way possible can be difficult if students don’t express their needs and preferences.

Ramos said, “I hope they (students) feel and know that their voice is important and that we really value them.”

Some of the qualities established in past strategic plans were also centered on equity, access, engagement, achievement, excellence and accountability.

Despite all of these visions being accomplished in different time frames, enough has been done to make a progressive change for campus.

CCC has been able to provide aid in many areas of academia to give students a better chance to accomplish their goals.

District Policy Planner Christina Paul said, “The Strategic Plan is developed to help students for years to come and we hope students’ feedback will help shape the future of the college.”