Diverse campus offers comfort to 17-year-old soccer player

Personal pride, individualism motivates athlete

By Robert Clinton, Sports Editor

Being a new face in a new school is a challenge for any student.

But 17-year-old Comet defender Taheerah Brewer is comfortable knowing there are not many people like her.

Brewer was born in Vallejo but was raised in Oakland. Home schooled by her mother, her family also realized peer interaction was important for healthy development.

By the time she was 10 years old, she had tried out for some of the popular sports.

“I tried basketball, baseball, nothing really grabbed me,” Brewer said. “I liked soccer, so since then it’s been family first, then soccer.”

The game has been with her for most of her life. Since her days on the little Giants soccer squad, Brewer has enjoyed many winning seasons.

“I’m not used to seeing our team lose,” Brewer’s mother, Amelah ElAmin, said of the 1-12 Comets. “I just need to see one goal — just one.”

Brewer’s late addition to the team, and insertion into the starting lineup happened smoothly with no internal problems.

“The team gets together really good, and I just want to help us get better,” Brewer said. “Sometimes we trust each other more off of the field than we do on it.”

The forward prides herself on the uniqueness of her personal style, and her upbringing.

Brewer was raised Muslim. She, as well as the other women in her family, cover their hair and skin in public. They can also opt to cover by wearing a hijab, when around men not in their immediate family.

Brewer thought long and hard about which college would make her transition the most enjoyable.

The diverse range of students here at Contra Costa College make the day-to-day activities of college normal — as normal for a African-American soccer player in a hijab could be.

People think that covered students are only yielding to their parents wishes, she said.

Brewer knows it represents modesty, respectability and, on top of that, dedication.

“It gets hot,” Brewer said of playing while covered. “I wear it when we play in the rain too, but it doesn’t get heavy or anything.”

She said people look, but I never have any problems at CCC.

Last year before a soccer game the referee delayed the game for 30 minutes so he could look through the rulebook to find any reason not to allow me to play.

“There was no rule. I had been playing for years and all of that year.” She said he was just a racist, hateful old man.

The defender has simultaneously brought youth and experience to the Comet squad.

The women’s soccer team will face off against Folsom Lake College at home on Friday.