Judy Walters and Fernando Sandoval on brink of District Board

By Cindy Pantoja, Editor-in-Chief

A week after the Nov. 3 General Election, Judy Walters and Fernando Sandoval are projected to win seats on the Contra Costa Community College District Board (4CD).

Currently, Vicky Gordon is the trustee representative of Ward 2 and Greg Enholm represents Ward 5.

During their campaign, Enholm and Gordon faced backlash from the 4CD community after an internal investigation revealed they violated board policies.

As of Nov. 10, the Contra Costa County Registrar announced 10,000 ballots remain to be processed.

The latest results show Walters is leading Gordon in the race for Ward 2 with 49.51 percent of the vote, while Gordon received 36 percent. The remaining votes belong to former DVC student John Michaelson at 14.49 percent.

In the race for Ward 5, Sandoval is paving the way with 55.76 percent of the vote, while Enholm received 44.24 percent.

The Contra Costa County Elections Division stated additional results will be posted each Friday and are expected to be finalized Nov. 30.