Alex Garland’s innovative new film is a masterpiece

By Uma Mazar, Staff Editor

Reviewing a film like “Men” can be challenging, as it often provokes visceral reactions. Most people will not find filmmaker Alex Garland’s new film to be a disappointment. Not in vain is it a self-conscious attempt to take the term “auteur cinema” to a new level. 

“Men” is exaggerated and uses dirt to show beauty. Despite its various elements, it starts very conventionally. It eventually falls into delirium due to the presence of Rory Kinnear, one of the film’s most delightful visual surprises. “Men” is unsettling. It doesn’t try to make you feel sorry for its content. Instead, it shows trauma in an extreme manner. It does so through the various elements of its plot, which include the perversion of paradise, the destruction of a perfect place, and the unsettling interior of its main character, Harper.

The journey of “Men” is an exploration of personal fears and an unsettling shock treatment. The various traumas depicted in the film are shown as undeniable. The film begins in a garden of Eden, where Harper has eaten the forbidden apple. It gradually becomes a nightmarish world where she must confront her most vile doubts and speak with the voice of the sinister villagers. 

This year has been full of beautiful moments, but the director has used some of the year’s most grotesque and disturbing scenes to create a technically and emotionally complex film. Garland has decided to make a more informed film, and he has done so with a lot of courage and heart.

Safe values heavily influence today’s movie lineup. You know which movies will be entertaining, which will bring a tear to your eye, and which ones will be more mechanical. But it’s hard to predict what will happen on the screen after watching a film’s logo, tone, or emotions. You will leave the theater with a smile or feeling uncomfortable. The existence of A24 is significant and defining. Through their work, A24 has become known for helping to make films that are critically acclaimed and stand out from the crowd.

One of their A24’s risks is making films that everyone does not like. They seem to try to avoid making films to please the so-called “general public.” They took a considerable risk with “Men.” Through their work, they have created an emotional catharsis that is unlike anything I have been seen before. It features a very dark sense of humor and is filled with the most disturbing images of the year.

Some people will say that “Men” is not for everyone because of how intense it is, but the beauty of this film is that it doesn’t require you to have a specific idea about its content to enjoy it. Instead, after watching a film, it takes a lot of time to put everything in order. Garland seems to insinuate that he doesn’t expect you to eat the food he has prepared. He wants you to make the recipe your own and doesn’t require you to have a specific idea about its content to enjoy.

Jessie Buckley’s work in this film as the protagonist, Harper, was outstanding, and you can appreciate her acting skills in this film. “Men” is the best film that Garland has made, and it shows that he is a filmmaker willing to create uncomfortable movies. “Men” is defined by different words, but one of these is not “simple.” In over 15 minutes, no one utters a word. The truth is that “Men” is not perfect. It is a work of craftsmanship that relies on something other than its visual aspect to achieve its goals. Instead, it allows its audience to interpret the story in a way they can enjoy.

The controversial nature of “Men” is why it doesn’t try to put out the proverbial fire. Instead, it uses gasoline to make its point. This year’s most unique and extreme film is a must-see. It requires an open mind to dig deep and has an exciting and intricate plot. You can also interpret it as a story about how all men are the same. 

The film is just a masterpiece.  5/5 stars.