Get ready: ‘The Boogeyman’ is coming to town


Courtesy of 20th Century Studios

In 1973, master of horror Steven King introduced to the world the “The Boogeyman.”

The story is considered a classic in their horror world and has been adapted and portrayed on the big screen multiple times.

Director Rob Savage and writers Scott Beck, Bryan Woods, and Mark Heyman are bringing the film back to the big screen with a brand new adaptation. The film promises to be one of the year’s best films.

The new story is centered on two sisters going through a tough time following the death of their mother, and their father does not provide them with the support they need. When a dangerous entity is brought into their home, everything will get even worse.

To begin, Dan Cohen is one of the producers of the film and is also one of the producers of the successful Netflix series “Stranger Things,” making many have high expectations. The film also has a fantastic cast. Chris Messina, famously known for his role in the series “The Mindy Project,” will appear as Will, the father of Sawyer and Sadie. Vivien Lyra Blair will play Sawyer, Will’s youngest daughter, and Sophie Thatcher will be Sadie, the oldest. And David Dastmalchian will portray Lester, a patient of Will’s whom the Boogeyman had tormented.

The original story is about Dr. Harper, a psychiatrist who sees Lester Billings. 

During a session, Billings talks and describes the deaths of his children several years ago. He states that the kids died due to what seemed to be unrelated causes. The first two of his kids died when they were left alone in their beds. The only notable similarity was that the kids cried out, “Boogeyman!” before being left unattended, and the door to their closet was ajar when they found their corpses. Billings is confident that the door was closed. Following the death of their second child, Rita, Billings’ wife, moves to a new neighborhood. A year later, Andy, their son, stayed in the master bedroom. Billings believed that the monster had been following his family and was most likely looking for them.

After a while, Rita left to look after her sick mother. Billings and Andy were left alone. Billings feels the evil creature’s presence growing stronger as his wife is not around. Fearing the beast would attack him, he moves Andy to another bedroom. That night, while they were sleeping, Andy exclaimed, “Boogeyman,” and was killed by the monster. Billings flees to a local diner after witnessing the creature’s attack on Andy. Upon returning home, he finds the boy’s corpse and informs the police. He claimed that the child had tried to get out of his cot during the night. The story ends with Billings finishing his story and Dr. Harper suggesting he make an appointment with the nurse.

You can watch this film on June 2, 2023, in theaters and on the Roku streaming service.