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My experience with FYE for the last two years

The First Year Experience program at Contra Costa College helps students feel less stressed about school by providing mentorship. I wanted to reflect on how my life was impacted by the extra support at CCC. Before my first year at the college, I received a call from the program leader Ana Maciel, saying that I qualified for FYE.

FYE is also provided by some other colleges. The program’s staff helps students throughout their entire first year at CCC. I was very confused about this matter. Even though I would see them in commercials, I was surprised that I qualified for this. I was able to qualify because of the Richmond Promise Scholarship.

At first, I was hesitant but signing up was one of the best decisions I made at CCC. FYE has given me and other recipients opportunities before I knew what Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) were. I received help from attending extra workshops on how to save for college and study jams. Not only did these workshops help, but I also got texts from Maciel directly to check in with not only me but many others who are part of the FYE community. 

Many of the program’s recipients would agree that Maciel has been helpful in finding ways to make everyone’s first year experience at college a lot easier. Especially for students such as myself to receive guidance through the first year of college when everything is new. 

Although it is a first-year program there is an opportunity to remain in the program for one more year. Students who qualify have to take some counseling classes, and they recommend an English and math class in which you can receive extra tutoring if necessary. 

The counseling here provided by FYE has helped me decide my career as well as how to prepare for job opportunities by showing us how to build connections with other people.

I’ll have to say that I hope FYE becomes something bigger in the future. As it has been very understanding and helpful towards my education. Such as having constant texts from Maciel to remind me of important dates like class registration. FYE made the high school transition to college better and easier with the small community they have created. 

Maciel shared her thoughts on the program potentially expanding their services to other students.

“FYE will be something bigger once we receive a bigger staff it won’t just be for Richmond Promise recipients,”

If you are given the opportunity to be a part of this program I’d suggest signing up!


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