Construction of student recreation room underway

The old, unused TV station on the first floor of the Applied Arts building will offer dry space

By Jared Amdahl, Opinion Editor

After the Student Activities Building was demolished in 2013 to make room for the new Campus Center which is currently under construction, many of the areas reserved for student activities and recreation were completely demolished along with it.

“With the old SA Building having been demolished, there isn’t too much room for hanging out or studies when the weather gets bad,” Bruce King said.

So in an attempt to give students a little more room for “hanging out” on campus, a room for recreation is being built in AA-117.

“There was concern with management about recreational areas for students who don’t have much space at the moment,” King said.

Aside from the chess tables set in front of the Applied Arts Building and Student Services Building, a tent is set up in front of the Bookstore next to Subway for students to eat and converse.

“But in the cold and the rain it isn’t the most ideal place to be,” King said.

The room being built is replacing what used to be the KCCC television studio that aired student-produced television shows on campus.

The last time the room was used was in 2009, King said.

“It’s a multi-purpose room that can be used as a recreational area or maybe even a classroom when there is more room to accommodate students,” he said.

The renovation costs of converting the room into more of an accessible room and less of a television studio are somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000 as the room is still about three weeks away from completion, he said.

“While the room may not be the most sizable, it is still a better alternative to being caught in bad weather, at least in the time being until the Campus Center Project is completed in 2016,” he said.

As for what the room may become when the Campus Center is completed is still not yet determined.

Ericka Greene, interim Associated Students Union adviser on campus, hopes that it will continue to benefit students.

“I’d like to see the room remain as something that students can still use afterward,” Greene said. “After the SA Building was torn down, places like the Fireside Room, a place for students to meet, were taken with it,” she said.

She said that while the project is being funded by the school, the ASU would still be donating appliances like a microwave to the room for students to cook food.

King said that because of the room’s close location to many of the Middle College High School offices in the AA Building, MCHS might be able to find a good use for it afterward.

“The room is open for all students but MCHS will probably be able to put it to use when there is more room to accommodate students,” he said.

“I think it is great,” MCHS Principal Anne Shin said.

“Our students are all over the campus just like the other students,” she said. “When the weather gets bad, not having anywhere for people to go, that becomes a problem.”

The room is currently under construction, while windows are being installed.