Sexualized comments off-putting, unnecessary

By Marlene Rivas, Staff Writer

There are a few things that will instantly ignite my anger and draw a dark shadow over my already sullen face. Of those things, one of the worst is the indecent behavior men can have toward women.

And it always seems to be done in a forceful nature. Women will often have no choice but to be subjected to comments and looks of all kinds.

On campus, when a girl passes by one of the tightly-knit groups of men that are almost blocking the whole walkway, she is lucky if she gets through the pack without any unwanted attention.

It is a regular thing. It ranges from the guy I rang up at work the other day, who jokingly asked how much I would cost, to the classmate at least twice my age who I often catch staring at me in a way that makes my skin crawl. It may vary from girl to girl because there are those who certainly have it much worse.

Men do not see their behavior as much of a problem. They may refer to it as a compliment or casual flirting. However, the borderline between a compliment and an act of harassment is constantly being crossed. There is nothing wrong with saying “You look pretty,” with a smile. It is certainly way better than the usual “You lookin’ good baby,” that comes with an indecent scan of our entire bodies.

The problem with this, aside from the discomfort caused to women, is the sense of entitlement to this behavior that men feel.

It is hardly ever done in hopes of landing a date, or simply to make a woman feel good about herself. Rather, it is the man trying to demonstrate his superiority over a woman they perceive as weaker in comparison. The concept of being dominant continues to rank high for many men.

The obscenities directed toward women are often said in front of the man’s friends. Whether or not she responds to him is not of any importance, because what matters is that he has shown his masculinity before others.

It is astounding how many men cease to realize that the way they look at, approach and speak to women can come off as offensive. The thing that makes me run my fingers through my hair in frustration is that men, quite often, have the audacity to respond angrily to not being acknowledged in the way they want.

“All right, fuck you. You ain’t shit,” one guy said to me after I ignored the comment he had made about how I had “a nice rack,” in reference to my chest.

The most unreasonable part of it all is men do not react kindly to receiving even a minimum of the treatment they often give women.

I once uncomfortably witnessed the flurry of insults that one man handed to a gay man who looked at him for a second too long. This proves that men do not like any attention they perceive as negative or unwanted. However, this does not even come close to the degrading and revolting comments made toward women.

Quite frankly, it’s unacceptable.

Asking a girl if she wants to come home with you. Asking her if she would like a penis in any part of her.

Telling her what parts of her you like or what you want to do to her is grotesque. Men would not want anyone speaking to their sisters, mothers, cousins or even future daughters that way, so refrain from speaking to someone else’s that way.

It is high time that the sense of entitlement that men have toward treating their female counterparts any way they please is terminated. Women have always been expected to take these comments, acknowledge them, and not respond in a way that might upset the man. That, is some serious bullshit.