Tribute showcases historic women

Images, works of influential leaders, artists, writers and activists are on display in the Library and Resource Center


George Morin / The Advocate

Political science major Maria Lara looks toward the Women’s History Month display case in the Library on Monday. The case has been reserved and set up by social science professor Majeedah Rahman in celebration of Women’s History Month for the past 11 years.

By Jared Amdahl, Opinion Editor

For the past 11 years, social science professor Majeedah Rahman has reserved the display case in the Library during Women’s History Month. During this time the display case houses a tribute to the famous women of the world. The case is set up by her classes here on campus.

“It is an educational tool. There are women out there that can kick butts, you feel me? Now we have an opportunity to talk about it with this display,” Rahman said.

“We have some ideas that we need to change. I wish we would spend more time talking about it. It looks at all different cultures. I like having the students learn about exactly how far we’ve come as a society,” she said.

She said each class is given a theme, such as women in the arts or women in government. Each class then develops a team, researches and then plans a display for their given topic.

Some of the women featured range from musical artist Janis Joplin, to the Japanese mayor of Yokohama, Fumiko Hayashi.

“It is there for students to look back at all the things we have done. It shows that women can play almost any role. Sometimes it just has to be on display, because we tend to forget that sort of stuff,” she said.

Behavioral sciences major Lavonda Phillips said, “It is beautiful. It brings out a lot of history and puts it on display. It gives people an idea of exactly what women have done. One day I hope I could make it up on a wall like this.”

The display case is reserved by many different groups over the course of the academic year. Library department Chairperson Judith Flum said she enjoys when Women’s History Month comes around to see the usual display of famous women.

“Every year (Rahman) does a Women’s History Month in the display case and she involves her students,” Flum said.

“It is very nice because I always have several people come up and give their compliments on the dis- play it is always wonderful to hear about it,”

Librarian Megan Kinney said, “I love when anyone adds to our display case. They did a fantastic job.”