Wellness Day offers holistic health advice

Various local health agencies expose available resources


Cody Casares / The Advocate

Inter-Club Council President Safi Ward-Davis speaks to a student about different services available locally during the Wellness Day event on the patio in front of the Liberal Arts Building on March 25.

By Jared Amdahl, Opinion Editor

In an effort to provide opportunity and information about local health resources to the campus community, Wellness Day was held on March 25 on the patio in front of the Liberal Arts Building.

Twenty-three community agency representatives attended the Disabled Students Program and Services and Health and Human Services event that ran from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. with over 200 students in attendance throughout the day.

“There are a lot of different agencies from around the Bay Area here to provide anyone in need of medical help,” DSPS professor Ruth Gorman said.

The agencies included groups like Planned Parenthood, Contra Costa Health Services and STAND, an advocacy group that speaks out against domestic violence.

History major Jesse Gonzales was at the event and noticed the multitude of resources being offered throughout the day.

“Seeing what they have to offer here (the event) there are some really good booths with good information,” Gonzales said. “It is nice that they are here for students who need it. And I’m sure that there are some students who really need the help.”

Planned Parenthood was educating visitors on the different ways to practice safe sex, as well as passing out the tools to carry out those safe practices such as condoms.

The STAND representative Gillian Silver had never taken part in an event at CCC but would now like to make it a more regular occurrence.

“STAND has never been out here before, but with the amount of people we’ve talked to today it would seem coming by more often, would do some good for the students here,” Silver said.

Gorman agrees.

“I think it was a great success and most of the agencies are willing to come back to the college and host future workshops for students that may need help gaining information,” she said.

Contra Costa County Health Services would like to take part in future events as well. The group’s representative Julia Surges said, “I think (Wellness Day) is very helpful for students. We’d like to get a mobile health van down here to pass out fliers and other useful information as often as we possibly can.”

Some professors brought their classes to the event to help students gain information that may not been available to them otherwise.

English as a second language professor Helen Kalkstein brought her beginning ESL class to enjoy the event.

“We didn’t know what to expect I thought it was very well organized and a valuable event to benefit students, “ Kalkstein said.

“As beginning ESL students this event was a great opportunity for them to learn about community services that some of them might need,” she said. “It also helps them feel more a part of the campus community.”

Gorman said, “We had great team work on this event, it really did take a village to get this one going.”

While she felt the turnout was satisfactory, the location was less than ideal.

“I was going to do it over by the Student Services Center, but construction cut the campus in half and I felt like there just wouldn’t be enough students over there.”

Looking forward, Gorman hopes to host more events focusing on health and wellness on campus.