Fundamentalists destroy nations in the name of god


By Mark Wassberg, Staff Writer

After the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the removal of Saddam Hussein unleashed terrorist groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the most feared ISIS. Before the removal of Hussein the U.S. government sponsored him in the 1980s and gave him poison gas. He killed Kurdish civilians thereby committing war crimes that the United Nations turned a blind eye to. During the second Iraq war hundreds of Iraqis had been bombed, beheaded and executed.

ISIS’ plans to create an Islamic world state and kill all the Christians and anyone else who gets in their way, makes them no different from the Nazis that killed nearly six million Jews.

Many times ISIS, in the name of Islam, has called all Muslims to kill the free world and this is what they are doing. And it would seem to a certain degree that this is working.

Christianity has been used to enslave millions throughout thousands of years. ISIS is doing the same thing, using the Islamic religion for their terrorist attacks.

America is founded on Christianity that is why we have churches on just about every street corner and the freedom to choose religion. Hundreds of Muslims are pouring into the America, setting up their Islamic lifestyle and worshipping the same deity that ISIS does.

Norway deported hundreds of Muslims back to their homeland fearing ties to terrorism and many Americans fear that Islam is taking over the USA.

America is one of the strongest military powers in the world. We can wipe out ISIS or any other terrorist group within days, but it never seems to get done.

The U.S. Constitution gives people freedom of religion but the law can be amended. ISIS only has one belief. Either you believe in their ways or you are officially “in the way.”

A battle of good and evil is going on here and it is not hard to see who should be placed on what side.

It seems to me that evil entered when George W. Bush and his administration told the world hundreds of lies about Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction during the 9/11 investigations. A CIA memo confirms that Osama Bin Laden planned to hijack and crash airliners into the twin towers and the FBI knew that these hijackers were trained in the U.S. — conspiracy associated with corruption by the U.S. government.