Display case highlights bilingualism, benefits

Library showcase fills minds with information, photos about influential bilingual leaders

By Roxana Amparo, News Editor

A display case for the “Proud to Be Bilingual” campaign is set up in the Library and Learning Resource Center entrance to raise awareness for, and to embrace, different languages.

It will run until the middle of May.

“A message (anyone) should take from this campaign would be to spread your wings and learn a second language,” dental assisting major Irwin Quintero said. “If you already know a second language, learn a third one so it can help you in your future.”

Through the display case, campaigners are trying to inform students, staff and faculty about what bilingualism means, English as a second language professor Elisabeth Xiezopolski said.

Pictures of celebrities that speak a second language decorate the Library display case.

Among the celebrities who speak a different language are Will Smith, who speaks Spanish, Sandra Bullock, who speaks French, and founder of YouTube Steve Chen, who speaks Mandarin.

Library assistant Joan Cesca said it is a “wonderful” display that shows off a lot of nationalities.

Quintero helped design posters in Photoshop that will be seen around campus, as well as the poster  inside of the display case.

La Raza studies major Maria Lara also took part in the campaign. She created a flier for the inside of the display case with a more “urban” feel to it, she said.

“To me it says to be proud of your language and where you come from,” she said.

Near the display case is a sheet with links to informational videos and articles regarding the benefits of knowing a second language, and the impact on the brain.

Quintero said the campaign has taught him that those who are bilingual are better critical, flexible and creative thinkers because knowing more than one language helps you gain different perspectives.

Lara said many people leave their country seeking new opportunities, but once they arrive they do not know how to speak the language. Although they are not embarrassed, they are not too proud of it.

Knowing a second language can be beneficial when it comes to people not speaking the local language, she said.