Parking woes top priority for summer construction

By Benjamin Bassham, Staff Writer

Substantial work will be carried out on Contra Costa College’s parking lots over the summer.

CCC’s Building and Grounds Manager Bruce King said, “Lot 16 (at the top of Campus Drive behind the Art Building) is out for bid as we speak.” Work should be complete before the fall semester begins.

“It’s not prime, but it is parking — students (have been) circling campus like vultures.”

Parking Lots 1 and 4 just north of the Bus Transfer Center and the Student Services Center, and the roadway between Campus Drive and Castro Street, will be closed for four months.

The upshot of this will be 150 new parking places including new Americans With Disabilities Act compliant spaces, a better organized campus entrance area and a straight road from Campus Drive to Castro, that doesn’t wind through the parking areas.

“(It should create) nice beautiful entrances to the campus,” King said.

Lot 4 will remain closed until the Campus Center construction is complete sometime in 2016.

In years past, it was easier to find parking near the end of the spring semester when students had already dropped classes and most athletic events have ended.

With construction congestion and limited availability of convenient stalls, students can be seen walking from the top of Shane Drive or all the way from the top of Canterbury Drive off of Shane to find a parking spot relatively close to the campus.