Awareness event provides assistance for uninformed

Financial aid, EOPS to spread knowledge about services

By Jason Sykes, Staff Writer

A brand new school year at Contra Costa College means more incoming students are looking toward financial help to pay for classes.

It is no secret that some students around campus lack the knowledge of which possible financial assistance is available, so on Aug. 26 the Financial Aid/EOPS Office held a Financial Aid Awareness day to enlighten those unaware of services.

The event took place in the Student Services Center Plaza from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Throughout the day, students stopped by resource tables that were set-up ranging from financial aid services to the English as a Second Language department.

The event had more meaning than just a day where students could go to tables and talk to different representatives around campus but allowed students to interact with one another as well.

During the event there was music being played as well as stations used for games that were available to students. These stations also included food and prize giveaways.

For students to get any type of prize offered, they needed to stop by all the tables and get a sticker from each in order to get a raffle ticket.

Student Services and Financial Aid Instructional Support Coordinator Charles Ramirez said, “It’s about having fun and interacting with one another.

“Students came out and were entertained by all the different things that were going on. The most important reason for the event was to make sure more students knew how much help they could get if they would visit departments such as EOPS and financial aid, or what to do to quality for the FASFA,” Ramirez said.

Students who wanted to apply for financial aid were allowed to do so immediately because the lab was open for use during the event.

“EOPS really helped me with what I needed,” engineering major Brian Sanchez said.

He said, “I expected help but not this much help.”

The Financial Aid/EOPS Office made it a point to show students that there are many ways for them to receive help financially and to show they are a presence on campus.

ESL adjunct professor Liliana Campos said, “Students need more outreach.”

Even students unaware of the event heard the music playing and stumbled their way to it.

This lead to a word-of-mouth across campus about the event until it was over.

The spreading of awareness helped more people learn what services the campus has for its students.

“Units are expensive to some and we want students to know they have help,” Campos said.

The college has departments that specialize in helping students ease the cost of going to college with the Financial Aid/EOPS Office.
Student Services and Instructional Support Coordinator Kenneth Reynolds said, “Students should tap into everything because if you don’t have it then it comes out of your pocket.”

Students can also apply for different scholarships and grants through the financial aid. Student services wants everyone to know they have resources right here on campus.