Transfer Day aims to inform, relieve stress

University representatives will gather outside LA building, answer questions

By Asma Alkrizy, Staff Writer

The Transfer Day event at the Liberal Arts Building patio will provide students with information about scholarship opportunities, transfer requirements, college majors and other additional information that may interest students.

The annual event will be on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Transfer Day is a “free for all” event, which opens the doors for Contra Costa College students to meet with visiting admission representatives from different four-year colleges and universities and ask questions about their transfer plans.

In addition, Transfer Day offers a valuable chance for students who are indecisive about their major or unsure where they plan to transfer and to explore more career choices.

“We have outreach officers from different colleges and universities come to our campus to recruit students,” counselor Luci Castruita said. “And I’m not saying recruit as in military recruit, that’s another thing. I’m talking about encouraging students to apply. That’s the purpose of Transfer Day.”

The event is also geared for students who are applying for fall 2016. As Transfer Student Application deadlines are getting near, students have the opportunity to ask representatives any questions about their application process.

Admission representatives assist students in their transferring plan struggles by steering them at the right path and rectifying errors students sometimes make before transfer deadlines. 

By asking questions, taking notes and visiting other tables, students will learn more about other colleges and universities they may have not considered an option before.

“I always encourage students who are unsure about what university they plan to transfer to attend Transfer Day,” Castruita said. “Even if they’re sure, Transfer Day will introduce them to many other colleges and universities they may as well be interested in applying for.”

Welcome/Transfer Center coordinator and counselor Andrea Phillips organized the Transfer Day event, and will be contacting the representatives before they visit campus.

The coordinators give an overview about their programs and campus life.

“Our student ambassadors help spread the Transfer Day information through fliers,” she said. “I try to get students involved in this event because it’ll help them consider what steps to take in their academic career.”

“We’ll put up balloons and greet students coming to the event,” student ambassador Almas Amjad said.

“I encourage students to not be shy and ask as many questions. If you look at the bigger picture, Transfer Day promotes student success. It’ll give students a great insight about where they’ll be going in the future,” she said. 

“As student ambassadors, one of our responsibilities is helping Andrea Phillips organize Transfer Day,” student ambassador and chemical engineering major Hiba Syed said. “We work behind the scenes. We’ll be hanging fliers to reach for more students. We’ll also assist all the representatives that will be coming (to inform), and giving them refreshments when needed.”

The culinary arts department will serve continental breakfast for the representatives. However, the refreshments will be served before the actual event starts. “We’ll be serving fruits, juice, coffee, tea, and these kinds of refreshments,” culinary arts instructional assistant Wing Man Chau said.