Bus stop brawl breeds worry

By Christian Urrutia, Editor-in-Chief

A battery involving a minor and three involved parties occurred on Sept. 12 at the Bus Transfer Center and a video of the incident was posted on Facebook immediately after.

The assault took place around 6 p.m. after one of the involved parties arrived at the Bus Transfer Center and became confrontational upon seeing the victim.

Police Services Corporal Tom Holt said the victim is a 17-year-old female who decided not to press charges or seek prosecution following the incident.

“Victim and involved party were both juvenile females and another involved party started to videotape the fight once it began,” Holt said.

The involved party and other two members of the group are not considered a suspect or suspects due to the victim’s decision to not prosecute those involved or namely the assaulter, Holt said.

The victim sustained minor injuries including a swelled-up small bump on her forehead and soreness to a couple of her fingers, according to officer Charles Hankins who filed the incident report.

“She didn’t want any medical attention, just to see about taking the video down from Facebook,” Hankins said.

Holt said the victim arrived at the Bus Transfer Center and was sitting down with another female at a station bench when the assailant prompted her to an altercation.

According to Holt, the assailant said discriminatory remarks regarding race out loud and proceeded to argue with the victim  before striking her. He said the victim took the comment as directed toward her since they were close in proximity.

The assailant was gesturing at the victim before having her hands pushed away from the victim’s face which, in turn, she pulled the victim’s hair.

“She then started to punch her (head) and the bus driver yelled something toward the fight and all three individuals ran down Mission Bell Drive,” Holt said.

Gateway to College Manager Karl Debro confirmed the victim is a student of the program.

“But this (incident) falls under (West Contra Costa Unified School District) jurisdiction,” Debro said.  He refused to comment further on the matter citing privacy conduct regarding minors on school grounds.

Hankins and Holt both speculated that the involved group was from Richmond High but any further investigation is unlikely.

Hankins said the victim found out about the video after being shown a screenshot.

He said the incident is about minute in length and at the 30-second marker, it shows the gist of the fight.

Facebook’s data policy regarding legal requests states it may access, preserve or share your information in response to a legal request if it is required to do so by state law.