Endless wonders discovered in books


By Magali Mercado, Staff Writer

Reading for pleasure doesn’t seem very common among most people anymore. It seems like more and more people willingly admit that they simply don’t like reading, let alone doing it for fun. People seem to not give reading a good book a chance anymore.
I’ve encountered a few people who talk about reading as if it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. I think people just don’t really give books a chance to see how great and beneficial they can be to read.
Finding the right book is key. There are many genres of books that can be quite interesting. Anywhere from romance, horror, mystery thrillers and autobiographies just to name a few. And there is bound to be one that’s interesting.
Books can really be beneficial. They can help in more ways than one might realize. Reading can be a stress reliever, getting lost in the pages, reading about characters from another world, another life. It’s easy to forget about the real world for a bit and that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea when life can get a bit overwhelming.
When reading books the brain is filled with knowledge — little details filling the brain about thoughts and ideas, which lead to a more creative mind and ever expanding vocabulary.
Reading can help improve writing skills and expand one’s vocabulary. It can also help people analyze and think critically.
Exposing people to new things is just a natural effect books carry with them. They can bring new information about topics people tend to shy away from.
Books can give lessons on life, give advice and help people through tough times. They can strengthen people.
A lot of TV shows and movies nowadays are actually based off of books, but personally I think reading the books is better.
“The Hunger Games,” “Game of Thrones,” “Gone Girl,” “The Help,” “The Notebook” and many more are some of the popular books that have recently been made into movies and shows. The books are filled with much more detail and scenes that films simply fail to show.
With books I can imagine characters and places the way I want. I like to think of reading books as a movie playing in my head.
The best part of getting books is that they can cost little to nothing. Grab a library card and with that there is an unlimited amount of books that can be checked out.
Or local bookstores sometimes either give away books or sell them for really cheap prices. It’s good affordable entertainment.
Books can really reflect how a person feels or what a person might be going through.
They open up worlds to the reader, allowing them to travel away from the problems of the world they live in and escape to any destination imaginable.
I know there are books that sincerely touched me and now hold a special place in my heart. There are authors that simply get what people are going through and can make readers feel less alone with their words.
If more people took a chance in finding the right book for them, then maybe they too can read something that might change their outlook on life or simply receive amusement.
Reading is important and part of everyday life, so why not get a little more enjoyment from it? I think it’s worth it and people won’t regret it.