Duality of humans denotes truth


By Denis Perez, Staff Photographer

Truth is not dominated by one human’s definition of right, wrong, good, evil, rich or poor.

Truth is as free as the wind, going wherever it blows. So I see it with myself, as well. The truth that governs my life is the creation of my own reality.

For instance, there is no such thing as perfect, in any sense of the word. There is no perfection and that is truth. I don’t see a societal Utopia in my future. We are far from a Utopia.

At the chance of sounding like a psychopath, I will let you know my mind is a messed-up place.

The reason why I have no good in me nor bad in me is because I only strive to have truth. If you could read my mind you would see that I am racist. You would see that I am judgmental. You would see that I am pessimistic. All these bad things wander through my mind, but the truth is I know that I am at times racist, at times judgmental and at times pessimistic.

I found the truth. I am that which I am. Just as the Utopia I will never see, I will never see a perfect me, but an always bettering me and that is the truth.

I realize that you can’t have good without bad and vice versa. Cold is the absence of heat and evil is the absence of God. I believe that oppositions create a balance in my life. I learn from the symbol of Yin and Yang. I see that in everything there has to be included a balanced opposition to create something greater than both sides. To better myself, I have to create bad in me by bringing that bad out to light.

I believe this works in the same way in society. To keep bettering ourselves we must bring truth to the table.

We are all created equal. I’m not a bare-foot tree-hugging activist but I do advocate we take care of the Earth that has mothered us. I love nature too much to see it destroyed. I’m no conspiracy-theorist freak but I believe our government has become too corrupt. I believe we must care more about our freedom by taking real action.

I am not an economic graduate from Harvard but I see the economic inequality that is destroying American lives is more real than ever before. I am not a prophet but I know we have to do something drastic to change the course of history before we end up in the wrath of our own indecisiveness to act.

I do believe that by admitting our reality to ourselves, whichever it may be, then we can go forth and free ourselves. I agree with Cesar Chavez when he said that in giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free. I hope one day to find the freedom fighters of this age and live alongside them in truth until freedom is given to all who accept it.

One day we will be judged by the content of our character and not by our skin, wealth or gender. I apologize for the romance. Maybe you are not used to it but freedom has that effect on me. It gives me wings to dream of the day when I write not about finding our truth but about keeping it.