Cajun cuisine yields sensational flavor

Local Creole food creates traditional ambience


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Crawfish and other seafood entrees are sold at market prices per pound. Happy hour is Monday through Thursday from 3-7 p.m. with $3 draft beers and discounted garlic noodles and fries.

By Mike Thomas, Scene Editor

Rockin’ Crawfish in the San Pablo Center has a stellar lineup of Cajun and Creole food from bivalves to crustaceans.

It features real Cajun cuisine that will leave your mouth watering and nose running from its spicy flavors and aromas.

All fiery food lovers would enjoy the Rockin’ combo with spicy flavoring with their seafood entrees.

It is sensational blast of flavors in your mouth. But be warned, these flavors will have your hand reaching for the water to cool down.

The seafood entrees are served in a plastic bag with a black bowl on the bottom in which to throw the shellfish remains.

Lime wedges, salt and pepper are served as condiments with the meal.

With these savory flavors blasting in your mouth, you have to try the buttery garlic noodles they serve.

The pasta is served in a bowl with fresh basil and minced garlic for additional flavors.

You can also start out with some of the scrumptious appetizers that are on the menu.

These include chili cheese Cajun fries, or you can go lighter with just regular Cajun fries with the choice of waffle or steak-cut fries.

Rockin’ Crawfish has exceptional seafood gumbo. The broth is flavorful, but there are more vegetables than meat in the potage. They make sure you get at least two succulent prawns in the soup.

There is also the option of buying the seafood entrees by the pound and the price is based off of the market. But you can buy a half-pound of the entrée for a cheaper price.

The prices are posted on the wall when you go into the store for easy access.

Since it is a messy meal, every guest is supplied with a bib and the tables have white paper for placemats. The atmosphere mirrors a sports bar located near a Louisiana bayou. The restaurant’s walls are painted with murals of a jazzy crawdad dancing around New Orleans.

Want to catch a game? They have five flat screen TVs ready to go when game day arrives.

To add to the inviting atmosphere, guests are allowed to draw on all of the wooden walls and some of the furniture in the facility.

There are a lot of signatures of past customers marking their history on the walls of Rockin’ Crawfish. The place has a tank filled with live Dungeness crabs.

The Cajun restaurant is open Monday- Friday from 2-10:30 p.m. and on the weekends 1-10:30 p.m. However, they do have a happy hour from Monday through Thursday from 3-7 p.m. with $3 beers on tap also $5 fries and garlic noodles.