State approves instructional equipment funds

Departments awarded more than $300,000 to update outdated educational tools

By Magali Mercado, Staff Writer

The State Chancellor’s Office has granted $386,771 to Contra Costa College, which will be given to selected departments and used for purchasing instructional equipment.

Business Services Director Mariles Magalong said, “The State Chancellor’s Office gives the money to the district, it is then distributed by Full Time Equivalent Students funding (FTES), to whoever needs the money.”

All of the departments at CCC were able to apply to receive some of the funding for their instructional equipment needs.

Magalong said, “Everyone has the opportunity to receive funding and all departments have the opportunity to apply.”

Music department Chairperson Wayne Organ said about 15 departments applied for equipment and went through a process of paperwork. Budget and planning committees presented recommendations for funding to the College Council which then looked over the applications.

There were rubrics that were looked at and adjusted for each department and finally each department was scored for approval and how much money they would receive was listed.

A total of 11 departments were funded for the 2015-16 year at CCC. Those included were the automotive department that was funded $53,621, biology (anatomy/ physiology) was funded $25,000, English was funded $4,145, English as second language (ESL) was funded $450, fine media and arts (FAMA) was funded $5,018, kinesiology, health and physical education (PE) was funded $118,621, the Library was funded $66,000, music was funded $3,665, math was funded $83,369, nursing was funded $4,882 and Library Innovation Project was funded $22,000 for a total of $386,771.

New possibilities arise for students as these departments receive funding.

Organ said, “This is the first time in about 10 years that this has been offered to CCC for funds for instructional equipment. A lot of this equipment (on campus) is old so it’s good to see this.” 

Each department will use the money for whatever needs and purposes they have. “We need new drums and a bass amplifier so we’re going to get that,” Organ said.

Anthropology professor Lisa Schwappach-Shirrif said, “I think it’s pretty exciting that this opportunity exists — you know, for us to be able to add to our equipment and get more things going because everything we get benefits the students. More hands-on material (is good) and all of that really benefits the students.

“There are always more things that we need. We have a list that we go through so we could build a better teaching collection each day for students,” Schwappach-Shirrif said.