Free spaghetti dinner given by ASU, faculty


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Austin Tauanuu (right) nursing major, shakes hands with Vicki Ferguson, dean of student services for the first time since he attended the campus. The “Dinner with Faculty” event gave the opportunity for staff and students to engage in conversation.

By Mike Thomas, Scene Editor

Students taking night classes were treated to a free spaghetti dinner from the Associated Students Union on Monday evening in AA-117. 

Each portion was supplied with a platter full of pasta, chicken wings and salad.

“The ASU put on a fantastic event and they invited our evening students to share a meal with our faculty and others,” Interim President Mojdeh Mehdizadeh said. “It’s a wonderful thing for our students to get to know the day faculty and it was great turnout.”

With a limited variety of food on campus, the ASU wanted to provide students with a filling choice of grub.

ASU Vice President of Club Affairs Safi Ward-Davis came up with idea when she used to take night classes at Contra Costa College. The entire event cost under $500 and was supplied through the student activity fee.

It was also a chance for students to meet the faculty and Police Services on campus.

“The idea behind this event is that the night students only have one food option on campus and that’s Subway,” Ward-Davis said. “We also wanted the night students to be familiar with the daytime faculty and for them to be comfortable with Police Services.”

Police Services Corporal Tom Holt wants to reach out to the students around campus in an attempt to show students that Police Services is not only for bad things that happen on campus. Holt’s main goal is to gain student trust in Police Services and build rapport with them.

“I’m trying to work with the (ASU) and whoever I can, so we can establish a friendly relationship with students,” Holt said. “I want to use younger people to relate to other students, so we can find out what we’re doing right and wrong.”

Ward-Davis and ASU President Nakari Syon advertised the event beforehand and the turnout was a success because they ran out of food. Also, some professors brought their classes to AA-117 for the free meal. Students also saw this event as a good way to connect with their professors and as a cost saving measure for food.

“You get to know all of the faculty members, and it’s cool to get to hang around our professors,” kinesiology major Christian Corranza said. “It gives you that student and teacher bond, and it lets us know that we are on the same page.”

The Foodies Unite Club prepared all of the food for the event. However, Foodies Unite Vice President Mayra Hernandez gets all the credit for cooking all of the dishes.

She prepped everything at the last minute after finding out she was the only member that was available to do it.

“They (ASU) gave us all we needed and I just cooked it,” Hernandez said. “We hit a few little snags and I didn’t get all the help I needed and I had to do it all by myself, but at the end I had a job to do.”