Liberal socialist carries ambition


By Salvador Godoy, Staff Writer

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is equipped to show his intellectual power for the needs of the American people, although some citizens are apprehensive about his use of the word socialist.

Once again, Sanders is not a socialist. Let me rephrase that term correctly. He is a “democratic socialist,” an ideology that does not want to establish an all-mechanized government bureaucracy. We, the voters of this nation are absolutely overworked and tired of living as part of a disconnected government. Politicians always make promises on issues they hope to realign. Those promises are not promises. They are tools politicians use to manipulate the electorate to pulling the correct lever at the voting booth.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton almost lost the caucus in Iowa adding fuel to her ongoing controversial personal email server scandal.

Millions of Americans across the nation, especially those in Iowa, have questions about her untrustworthy behaviors, as evident by her slide in the caucus voting.

That is why we must precisely choose the candidate who we trust in most, not candidates that are going off the cliff and attacking other candidates. Those are the leaders that are not going to move this country forward. Or else this political system will become a reality television show hoax.

We must use our intuition  and analysis to carefully extract that data to evaluate who is the right choice.

Now that former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley suspended his democratic campaign, Sanders should have a significant breakthrough in the polls.

Sanders is the leader in drawing large crowds wherever he goes. Several celebrities are pulling away from Clinton’s campaign in favor of Sanders.

The Vermont senator is ambitious in every broad issue that is facing the U.S. From making education more affordable to breaking up the big banks of Wall Street that caused the U.S. economy to collapse in 2008, Sanders even opposed the disastrous Iraq War in 2002.

A startling issue that no candidate will footnote is the American multinational chain Wal-Mart. Sanders firmly opposes large corporations profiting from government welfare programs.

On education, “under the Sanders plan,” the formula for setting student loan interest rates would go back to where it was in 2006. If this plan were in effect today, interest rates on undergraduate loans would drop from 4.29 to just 2.37 percent, according to Sanders’ campaign website.

Sanders would increase taxes significantly by the top 10 percent of Americans. This will be placed directly on promised infrastructure and job formation.

The issue is bringing back manufacturing jobs from overseas. How are they going to help businesses determine the price of labor? One argument is raising the minimum wage creates higher costs to consumers.

“Government that is big enough to give everything you need and want is also strong enough to take it away,” Thomas Jefferson said.

The course of history proves that government is growing and liberty is minimizing. We, the American people, must stop this dysfunctional madness.