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Campus website in process for much needed renovations

By The Advocate, Editorial Board

Contra Costa College’s website, very much like its campus counterpart, has been undergoing a redesign of its appearance and user input now for three years and many students and faculty say there is still much work to be done.

Without a dedicated webmaster, a lot of information on the current website goes unmonitored and outdated. The interim webmaster, who is fine and media arts department Chairperson Ellen Seidler, can only juggle so many online responsibilities while maintaining her daily duties.

Notwithstanding, the college site needs someone who can respond to all of the changes various departments make often on a weekly or daily basis.

Ensuring available information is not easy due to all the content: updating schedule changes, official and unofficial club or campus events that are listed in the campus planner, the times for meetings and providing additional assistance.

The website directory for faculty and classified staff is currently one of the avenues of information that is outdated and lists the campus’ old phone numbers, despite the college switching over to the new ones three years ago.

The search bar is restricted in its scope due to the pages on the site having little information present so searches yield limited results.

Chemistry major Isaac Diaz said the search bar leaves much to be desired since it often does not show what the intended search was.

The Advocate recognizes the initiatives taken on by the Interim President Mojdeh Mehdizadeh and Vice President Tammeil Gilkerson to lead this campaign and starting the external survey as a positive update for change, although the flow of information and management of the web content needed to be addressed beforehand.

The quick links and drop down menus are a step in the right direction that were part of the older update but many students find the format unorganized and cluttered, usually because of not having enough information readily available.

Business major Preet Sandhu said the only reason he visits the website is for the link to the Library database or to check for late start classes.       

“I go usually go to InSite Portal or Desire2Learn to get the information I need,” Sandhu said.

Data is simply not up to date, which is why some students may find what they need elsewhere.

Information pertaining to Associated Students Union minutes, club guides with full names and adviser contact lists are regularly missed on the website.

The hiring of a marketing agency and the delegation of site edits to one main person will augment the redesign in ways that will be new to and improve CCC.

While the survey is available and collecting opinions, students and faculty alike have the opportunity to voice their discontentment with the site as a whole.

This feedback in turn will play a pivotal role in how future students will see the face of CCC.