Immigrant struggles with transition, adapts to new goal

Norozi traveled with her family to the US for religious freedom

Tashi Wangchuk

By Tashi Wangchuk, Staff Photographer

Mojgan Norozi, an immigrant from Iran, was born in 1968 and has been married for 24 years to her husband and they have a teenage daughter as well.

The Norozi family left Iran due to discrimination against their practiced religion Baha’i, which is not given much tolerance. She, along with her family left their well established life in Iran and took refuge in U.S. in 2011.

Although Norozi and her family now consider the U.S. home away from home, she hardly spoke English during the post-recession period that welcomed them upon their arrival.  Norozi struggled while looking for a job and trying to provide for her family.

She had gone through moments that she had never experienced in her previous life abroad.  After five years living in the country and after studying at Contra Costa College for a couple years she now studies early childhood education and has established herself in a far better position.