ASU allocates funds to hire office help

By Edwin Herrera, Staff Writer

Since 2015 the student life department has been in need of assistance and now campus administrators have begun the hiring process to find a subordinate for the coordinator of one of the most student-centric offices on campus.

The department of student life offers leadership opportunities to students interested in joining clubs, becoming ambassadors or being part of the ASU.

Student life is in the process of hiring an assistant this semester. Student Life Coordinator Erika Greene said, “Things are in the works for that, so the job has to be posted, people apply, send in their resumés, have people look at the applications and then we relay (finalists) forward.

“After looking at the applications we do interviews and hopefully after those interviews we hire.”

With the absence of qualified help in the office, Greene said, “(her) workload increased a little bit, but it’s not that much because we work together and collaborate a lot. I was able to function and get everything done, plus we get ASU senators who also take care of things they need to do in terms of clubs or student government.”

Greene said the benefit of having an assistant for the department will be to give students the chance to visit the office more frequently.

Monica Sanchez, undecided major, said the student life department requires an assistant to be able to help with campus events.

“It is the department that creates functions and events for the campus,” she said.

Students will be able to communicate their concerns with the assistant about paperwork or any other questions regarding clubs.

The assistant will be able to help students set up appointments and generally keep the office running efficiently.

“If I get sick, have family emergencies, or go to meetings the office will not be closed. (Hiring an assistant is) more about accessibility for the students,” Greene said.

As for the applicant field, she said she hopes to get a good pool of applicants for the 20-hour per week position, but is more concerned with quality over quantity.

After hiring an assistant Greene would love to set up more activities for the students implementing a year-round calendar in the process with a goal to have something come out of the office every month, if possible, on a consistent basis.

Greene said the position for assistant is a paid job not an internship.

“Oh no, this is not volunteer work. This requires energy, passion, knowledge and experience.”

Eric Warner, undecided major, said he hopes hiring an assistant brings more activity to the campus because he notices the lack of student events.

Part of the assistant’s job involves attending meeting, coordinating the logistics of events and providing assistance for clubs and the student government, Greene said.

Also she would like help with events for the campus gatherings that include hosting vendors who can come out to the campus offering different services.

Along with obtaining an assistant in the near future the office will also be moving to the new College Center building in the summer.

Since construction of the Campus Center began in 2013 the Student Life Office has been located in the Applied Arts Building.

“We haven’t had a centralized location like we did a few years ago,” Greene said.

“(Before construction) there was a centralized place where everyone on campus went, but once construction of the new buildings started, there was no place to have nice outside events unless they were on the Tennis Courts or at the Student Services Plaza.

“So when we move into the new building it’ll allow us to have bigger and better events.”