Marketing strategies to include social apps

Recently hired director aims to use global networks to notify students

By Tobias Cheng, Staff Writer

To improve the advertisement of events, course offerings and other student and faculty resources, Contra Costa College’s recently hired Marketing Director Brandy Howard is in the process of launching social media accounts.

Howard said her work will coincide with the coming update to the website ( and the completions of the new buildings in the center of campus.

Howard said there are four primary ways of communicating information about events to students, staff and faculty: email, the events calendar at, physical bulletin boards situated around campus and social media.

She said, “I’m interested in learning what works best; what is the way that staff, students and faculty can all find out about events.”

Counselor Andrea Phillips said to increase knowledge about events on campus to people throughout surrounding communities, CCC needs a campuswide advertising team that functions as a relay for departments.

Phillips said, “Faculty and staff need to (help) promote events on campus.”

Howard said the college will have new accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat unified under the theme “life at CCC”.

She said that CCC faculty is trying to “unify the college’s social media” sites as CCC is trying to have fewer accounts showing more varied news.

It is easier for people to follow three to four pages than 18 to learn about events, she said.

The last campus marketing coordinator retired last summer, Howard said. Until about a month and a half ago, there has not been one person or a team managing marketing, even though individual staff may send out emails to students giving information about events.

Kevin Gao, a counseling psychology major, said that he typically finds out about events through people telling him or bulletin boards around campus.

“Some students don’t check the website or their email, so we need to look at alternate means of marketing,” Phillips said. “Social media is an alternate means.”

Gao said, “I check my email once a week and the website once a month.”

He said that if there were centralized social media accounts, he would see information about events more often. “I believe that applies to most people other than students,” he said. “People nowadays check social media every day.”

Dante Romero, civil engineering major, said he finds out about events happening on campus at a bulletin board in the Physical Science Building.

Howard said the website will have virtual real estate for information about athletics, music and dance shows, and workshops.