Earth day strives to diminish usage

By Roxana Amparo, Associate Editor

In honor of Earth Day, the Sustainability Committee will hold its annual Earth Day celebration outside of the Applied Arts Building from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday to promote a greener world.

“Too many times we are wasting things, damaging Earth. This is to remind us that we should be nice to Earth,” Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King said.

Seedlings, including tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and other vegetables, pamphlets with information and tips for reducing the use of unnecessary resources to conserve energy will be handed out to students.

King said they will aim to set a good example and remind students to be “environmentally correct.”

For about five years now, the committee has been promoting an eco-friendly environment on campus.

“There is too much garbage on the ground. It’s like people don’t know how to put it in the trash,” pathology major Danielo Moran said.

He said everyone needs to know there are ways to keep the campus clean.

Partnering agencies like PG&E, EBMUD and 511, transportation information also will be shared in the pamphlets.

There will be information shared on ways to save water indoors, such as making sure the tap is off when brushing teeth or washing the dishes.

Tips on how to save water, for example lawn conservation, and other methods will be discussed.

The Sustainability Committee will be giving out handbags with seedlings, a water bottle and a sticker from PG&E.

Counseling assistant MaryKate Rossi said they are trying to bring awareness about the California drought.

She said people think that because it has been raining it means the drought is over.

“We are trying to remind people that there are little things they can do (to help). There is a bigger idea,” she said.

King said they are trying to remind people to be green and that everyone should be taking care of the Earth.

“The world needs more plants for oxygen. And also just to have more plants and keep the world greener,” undecided major Colleene Lawrence said.

She said she would be interested in attending the event for more information.

Rossi said this year there will be more participation from students.

She said students can join the Sustainability Committee to help plan future events.

“We all need to help out the environment,” she said. “We all need water to drink, to shower.”