Completion signals transition into GE Building


Christian Urrutia / The Advocate

The GE Building will house faculty and staff offices currently on the first floor of the Liberal Arts Building. All offices will be supplied with new furniture, storage and computers, with the move expected to be completed by the end of July.

By Edwin Herrera, Staff Writer

As the construction of the Campus Center and Classroom Project’s buildings comes closer to completion, many faculty and staff members are gearing up for the move with their offices being relocated into the General Education Building.

The GE Building will house all faculty and staff offices currently on the first floor of the Liberal Arts Building.

Three of the divisions will also move into the building: Library, Allied Health, Vocational Training, and Athletics (LAVA); Liberal Arts  (LA) and Natural, Social and Applied Sciences (NSAS).

The move into the new offices will be completed by the end of July this year.

All offices will be supplied with new furniture, storage and computers.

Last fall, faculty completed plans for the GE Building and organized the office selection process by seniority.

With the space on each floor, offices and classrooms will be dedicated to each division.

LA Division Dean Jason Berner said the building is a three-story structure with the first floor containing the faculty offices of the LAVA Division.

The second floor provides space for LA Division faculty offices and the top floor will house those for the NSAS Division.

Due to the amount of space on each floor, half will be used for offices and the other portion will consist of classrooms for the respective divisions.

“It’s pretty straightforward. People have been told to pack up their things for the summer if they are not going to be here in the summer,” Berner said.

There are concerns, however, as the LA Building currently houses maps and artifacts for the anthropology classes that will need special handling when moving, he said.

Overall, he said the transition will be smooth.

Berner said the space of the offices will be small but “the big plus is that staff will not be sharing offices” as they currently are.

Adjunct speech professor Jason Kane is excited to move into the new building.

“The GE Building is beautiful. The red brick exterior looks so good,” he said. “Any college campus that has red brick buildings to me is just beautiful.”

Business Services Director Mariles Magalong, who serves as Contra Costa College’s liaison to the construction and moving crew, said furniture is currently being installed and is on schedule.

She said NOR-CAL Moving Services will be in charge of moving and installing everything for faculty and staff.

“Everything is on track with the buildings. As for the safety of the building due to concerns over the frequent gas leaks that have been happening on campus, it won’t be an issue,” she said.

“The contractors inspected the building thoroughly. A punch walk will occur before the building is ready for public use, checking every possible problem area.”

On a punch walk the contractor completes a checklist of incomplete items. That list is reviewed by building inspectors.

The deadline for the completion of the move is Aug. 12, when fall semester classes start.