Parking developments feature small changes


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Business major JayJay Douangpinya pulls out a beverage from his trunk before heading to class in Contra Costa College’s Parking Lot 3 on Monday.

By Denis Perez, Assistant Photo Editor

Modifications to Contra Costa College’s campus parking lots in the fall 2016 semester will not amount to more than a few changes.

Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King said there are around 1,820 parking spaces on the CCC campus, divided into 15 lots on campus and two annexed lots for staff and students.

The annexed lots are located in Moraga Drive, east of the Military Reserve Facility.

King said many students are not aware of these two lots.

Half of the construction portables in Lot 4 were scheduled to be removed by the time school started and the Subway portable will also be cleared from Lot 9, he said.

There are also plans to build a new Police Services station in one of these three areas: the west side of the Tennis Courts, Lot 4 or Lot 6.

Although the police chief would rather have it in Lot 4, due to seismic instability that may not be possible. Lot 4 is in the exclusion zone around the Hayward Fault and has not yet been designated a green (safe) zone, suitable for building, King said.

He said the district will know the fate of Lot 4 within six months, but should know whether Lot 6 is in the green zone by Sept. 29.

King said Lot 5 will become a shared parking lot between staff and the students in the carpool program. Students can still sign up and register for a free parking permit through the Carpooling Program that the college offers. King said 15-20 spaces are going to be for students, while the rest are reserved for staff and faculty.

Parking permits are available online through WebAdvisor for $45. Students who qualify for the BOG fee waiver are eligible to get a permit for $25.

Prices drop in the middle of the semester to $24, and $13 for students eligible for the BOG fee waiver.

Economics major Oscar Martinez said he thinks prices on parking permits are so high for students that they prefer to park for free off campus.

Computer science major Angelo Tadina said he does not have a parking permit, so he has to come in early in the morning to be able to find parking. Tadina said he has since gotten a free parking pass from the EOPS Office in the Student Service Center. Nursing major Camila Henderson said she always sees the parking lots filled up. She also obtained a free parking permit from the EOPS Office.

Students not willing to commit to a onetime fee of $45 to obtain a parking permit can always pay for the day at the automated parking machines located in Lots 1, 2, 6, 10, and 14. Martinez said that sometimes the machines are out of order.

CCC President Mojdeh Mehdizadeh said that enrollment this semester has been calculated to be down by 4.2 percent. King said parking lots are still filled despite the lower enrollment.